Vans RV-8 coming from Terrainy Studios

Great airplane, anyone know if these guys put out a decent product?


I don’t know the studio’s reputation, but I’m gonna keep an eye on this one! I’m hoping eventually someone will do its smaller cousin, the RV-12iS.

I’d love to have a light sport aircraft that’s not a high-wing with a glass-reinforced plastic shell! RV-12 is proper aluminum, like an aircraft should be. :wink:


Teaser video was recently launched. The cockpit looks outstanding!

I wonder about the audio package. Nothing is said on Wwise sounds.

It’s out for sale now on Orbx Vans RV-8 - Orbx

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Hopefully they will send a copy to AvAngel so she can post a YouTube video review.

You cant buy it at orbX I see no way to add to basket :frowning:

After waiting all day for someone to purchase this plane I and report in I decided to take one for the team and try it out. I purchased it at sim market and the transaction went smoothly, $20 and some change USD. Downloaded quickly and installed through their app.

Sigh, I hate being ‘that guy’ that complains about everything, things aren’t starting out good. Unless I’m missing something I couldn’t find any manual in the install folders and files. I thought that’s ok, I’m sure their will be a interactive comprehensive built in check list, nope sorry. In the developers defense their is a clickable check list on the left side of the seat, unfortunately no V speeds are listed. Speed-wise the only reference is the markings on the air speed indicator. So off to the internet and search for a POH, thankfully I found one. Going through the check list I see the aircraft has carb heat, hmm looking around the cockpit I can’t find the carb heat, I see cabin heat so I try it to see if possibly it was miss labeled, nope no rpm drop during the run up. Unless I’m missing it somewhere I can’t find markings for trim either, the trim button is on the stick. According to the POH there should be markings visually on the left flap for flap indicator, but there is none on this model. Visually the model I feel is excellent. I’ve never heard a RV8 run so I can’t really comment on sounds.

Panel-wise it has all the features you would expect for a steam gauge airplane with a basic auto pilot and Garmin 430.

Flying wise it fly’s as you would expect, I’ve been flying Flying Irons F6F so take off was fairly uneventful and landings are what I would call docile with no bad habits. I hope I’ve not come across to negative, for it is a nice plane and is fun to fly. If you like this type of aircraft I’d say go for it as it seems priced about right for the money. I hope the developers stick with this plane and iron out some of the rough edges as I love supporting projects such as this.

Just one guy’s opinion!


It’s tempting, but with SimWorks Studios coming out with three more RVs (one by the end of 2022) for $15 each, I believe, I can’t justify another one unless it is superb, in other words, much better than what SWS builds. I know SWS is not doing the -8.

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I am tempted as well to buy this plane, screenshots look really good and I like that they integrate the PMS50 GTN650. But I read a comment on SimMarket that the performance of the RV-8 in the sim is not nearly as good as in real life, which would be a shame because the power and speed of the RV-8 are what makes it interesting for me.