Love the Reverb G2 and the immersion it provides. I currently use VATSIM (vpilot) on a separate monitor and haven’t figured out how to bring it into the VR cockpit. For now, I simply connect to VATSIM on the second monitor and lift the googles to check frequencies on line etc. Is there a way to have the vatsim window in the VR cockpit?

Thanks in advance.

For oculus devices, you can pin windows that will show in your VR experience. I don’t remember if windows mixed reality devices can do that.

The way I’ve done this is by loading up the app in the Windows Media Portal (cliff house). You have to make sure the app link is in your start menu and then I believe you can access it in the main WMR window under “classic apps”. It will appear as a window in VR, and then there is a little icon in the upper right that says “follow me”. If you click that the app window will appear in MSFS VR when you load it. You’ll have to play around with it as the focus control can be a little temperamental.

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The more friendly and realistic way to do this would be to have a virtual tablet/EFB that would allow you to view any web page or external computer app, from within your VR headset.

It is on the wishlist, but will probably be left for the developers of individual aircraft or a specific utility mod, like Avitab in XP11.

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I can recommend the following app to take notes from the controller:

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To take notes too: - Ingamepanel CANVAS for Flight Simulator v1.0

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