Vatsim - Controller can't listen to me

I am flying in Vatsim. Made my flight plan with Simbrief.

Then I enter SBCW_CTR in Brazil. The Controller contacts me and asks me to change my frequency to 126.750. I do, but he can’t listen to me.

I talk to him via Text in a Private Message and he gives me a squawk code. I input it in the transponder and he acknowledges it, but still we can not talk in the frequency he gave me, so we continue communicating via PM.

Suddenly, the code in the transponder changes by itself, automatically.

Today I installed the A320 Mod by Flybywiresim before this flight.

Can it be the problem? Any help?

Sounds possible… I am new to vatsim but i think Vatsim matches airplane settings and profiles with in game airplanes in order to work so…maybe if u change something in the airplane its unable to matchthe profile and mal functions…

Ive been using vat sim with the stock c152 and i get errors also so maybe its just buggy since its recently updated for ms2020… keep trying i guess

Thanks. I had the same problem last week without the mod.

I will keep trying to find if I can fix this issue.

Switch off all ground and ai traffic. Its possible those randomly interact with ur plane

Before I try that, I will try putting ‘DELEGATE ATC TO AI’ in ‘off’.

If it does not work I will try what you say.

Thanks for your help.


Oh yea, u definitely want that off

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