VATSIM ModelMatching

Hello everyone,

i am presenting the all-new Model Matching!

I worked two weeks to include 475 Airlines!

Please read the Readme for installation!

Model Matching based on “ProjectMegaPacks MegaLiveryPack” “ivao-x-csl” and “” liveries and DO NOT require any other Model Matching, like the Model Matching from BritishAVGeek or Plato.

This ModelMatching needs the PremiumDeluxe-Version of the Simulator and further the CRJ from Aerosoft, Flybywire A320 to work properly!

The link to flightsim

I hope you enjoy it!


great! will try that one out :slight_smile: Thank you very much!


This is only the VRM file. You still need to download the liveries separately. Did this seriously take two weeks?

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Honestly, idk, the OP has to answer. I would guess with the .vrm generator it would have been a task of 10seconds. But idk what the OP has done exactly.

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yes because i wrote every line on my own and mixed the ivao x-csl with the Liveries on flightsim. Others have always two vmr and for esample the A320 is matched double (ivao+Livery Flightsim).


Good stuff there. Appreciate the effort

But you failed to mention that it requires the PMP321 and 330.

And sorry to be the smarty-pants, but you forgot the regional US airlines such as SKW, GSJ, RPA, JZA (for Canada) and so on. These are the main operators of the CRJ. Speaking of which, I’d recommend you add the E-series jets.

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thx, i will add these airlines, if i find liveries.
The 321 and 330 are included

The liveries are there, e.g. the United Express Liveries provided with the CRJ are actually operated by GoJet (GJS) and so forth.

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Small update is live

where is no E-Jet for MSFS and no x-csl model

What I meant is to match the E series jets with what looks similar. E145 e.g. with a CRJ and maybe E170/190 with a corresponding A319 or something.

only a 318/319 could match “good”
CRJ has engines at the end

I don’t say this as an outright criticism because I’m extremely grateful that people take the time to do this, but it is an issue I see with all of these pre-made model matching files.

In a nutshell, there are liveries for airlines that no longer exist, or liveries for aircraft types that the airline in question never flew, or took out of service decades ago.

Some examples in this pack being a Norwegian A330 and Iberia, Aer Lingus and Pan Am 747’s. Emirates don’t fly the 787 and there is no BOAC liveried 787. Obviously the Norwegian 787 is also defunct. There are other packs about with Thomas Cook & Britannia liveries in them. Much as I mourn some of these airlines no longer with us, I don’t really get why they are included to be honest. Surely the whole point of doing this is realism?

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It’s for Vatsim, and people are flying TWA, US Airways etc. branded planes. So you can never have enough model matching rules.

Because on VATSIM there is no requirement to use realistic liveries 100% of the time.

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Fair enough. I guess then it’s on the user to remove the liveries they don’t want to see.

This pack is massive, largely because it’s full of liveries I’d never see (or never want to see).

Norwegian had have an A330 in their fleet…
And its based on the real fleets but not 100%
Its not possible to have a “clear border”

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They actually wet leased them to cover for the issues the 787 RR engines were having. They were never in their fleet per se.

The point I was making was that they effectively went bust a few months ago, so you won’t see them flying around anywhere anymore.

I do accept that there is no requirement on Vatsim to use real liveries and that is why you’ve included them. For me though the pack is just too big, and full of liveries that I don’t see as realistic. That’s on me though, I accept that.

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