Vatsim & msfs2020

Apologies if I have posted on the wrong topic, I wanted to ask if there is a problem with Aircraft that are on-line on VATSIM not showing the correct livery, or is this normal. In particular, I have been on there a few times and I have noticed that the other simmers aircraft livery is showing up as just a generic color paint scheme. So for example Easy123 is showing up as a light green and grey design, is that correct?

Also on a side point, I’d like to have a moan off.
I can say the vast majority of people that help with the ATC on VATIM are polite and helpful, however, I have had the odd one or two that act as though you’ve committed a cardinal sin for the slightest error. Just the other evening after permission to push & start, calling the ground controller for 30 minutes, when that failed, I sent messages on the VATSIM software, still nothing. So I taxied to the hold, called up again, still nothing. After flip/flopping the comms radio I got him back. But when I called him back to update him on my comms problem, he berated me for taxing without his permission. As a real pilot, I told him I fully appreciated how essential it is to follow procedures, he sounded young, so I guess that explains it. Yes in the real world that would have been an issue, In the sim world totally different.

I’ve been using VATSIM sometimes too (with vPilot as client) and can confirm that liveries are not transmitted yet. I heard a rumor that it’s not yet supported for MSFS2020, and might require an SDK change to enable it, or it might just need development work that hasn’t been done yet. I can neither confirm nor deny those details. :slight_smile:

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Yes I believe your right. I used VATSIM years ago with MFFS FX and I think that was the same then.

Checkout the link below. There is a way to see liveries.

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Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Interestingly I had an comms issue in which my radio changed channels without me knowing (even though it showed the correct channel on the aircraft it randomly changed on vpilot) I had to cycle it in order to correct the issue as well. Anyways, I think sometimes even real life controller forget they are there to assist the pilot not command them. End of the day it is a sim and is for fun and learning. Thankfully all my mistakes thus far have been met with understanding and helpful explanation, but there are not helpful people anywhere you go… Anyways, don’t let it get in the way of your enjoyment of vatsim!

Well said, yes I guess you have to carry on and ignore some people.

give this one a try… i’m using it works quite good, though many on Vatsim do fly with Boing 7XX which don’t show correctly obviously.