Vegetation Draw Distance Fix

And yet you come here, talk bad about someone elses FREE mod, and put in another advert.

Good bye.


I have tried this mod myself. So far it works! I think this might be the real deal guys.

Good reviews so far on as well.

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Please remember to stay on topic while posting - thanks :slight_smile:

I would have to disagree with you. I see trees out to the horizon whereas prior I would see them being drawn in a couple of miles out from my position. It works quite well from what I can tell and doesn’t affect my fps in the slightest.

So, if you claim this mod is stolen from you, but also claim this mod doesn’t work, then does that mean your mod doesn’t work? You can’t have it both ways.


I edited my post. It does work. But based on description alone it wouldn’t just by changing 70 to 100 without the other changes.
I didn’t say it was stolen.

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Here is a link to a comparison I’ve made between the default sim, this fix and a different freeware fix:

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I conform this mod can indeed increase tree lod by a lot, but it coast 2-3 fps on my system.


Soooo many trees. This works great for me. Thank you.


Really nice one. Will try it later.

Works like a charm!


Unfortunately I’ll have to charge atleast $5.00 for this mod because “simmarket doesn’t allow a price of $0.00”

Remember that?:rofl:


That was a funny excuse, wasn’t it? BTW Simmarket does allow 0 price. For example,
the “Warsaw Airfields” by Drzewiecki Design costs 0 on simmarket.


This is a very good mod. It adds another variation to each species in the relevant xml file, sets a very low number spawn ratio for the added variation and sets min and max size to 100 and 125 respectively. This has the effect of not changing tree sizes locally but sets the draw distance much further way from the camera.

I guess the spawn ratio must set the distance from camera and the tress at that distance are now drawn very large and that has the effect of causing them to show up a long way off. But it seems to work rather well.

problem is cities and towns are still flat in the distance.

That’s an easy fix I think. You’ll need to increase building LOD in the user config file. It will hit your performance though.

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This mod is fantastic!


Thank you! :+1: :beers:

Great mod! Thanks. :ok_hand:

All credit goes to WeptBurrito2749 who discovered this fix and PropellerBC for uploading the mod.


It’s amazing that within hours of the actual author releasing the files, it spreads like wild fire starting at this forum with everybody and their dog taking credit for it whether it be reverse engineered, hacked up or not. But nobody and I do mean nobody has said what the problem was in the first place. There are only 2 people who know the answer to this question. Why was the LOD so bad in the first place? Despite my rhetoric, this fix is amazing any way you steal, slice, hack or claim it to be you own. This is the best update this sim has ever had thanks to one person. The other pilot…

Cheers stay safe,


The latest version 1.7 adds increased draw distance for ALL trees, bushes and palms PLUS fixes some too tall trees and jungle palms a bit shorter.

Special thanks to WeptBurrito2749, being a big part of the final solution for this workaround!

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