Vehicle paths and vehicle parking issues


I’ve learned that in order for the airport vehicles to utilize the vehicle paths, I needed to connect the vehicle path to the parking spots. Otherwise the vehicles would only utilize taxiways to move around.

However, they still do at times use the taxiways to move around, even though they could connect through a vehicle path. Furthermore, they often park themselves in the middle of an aircraft stand, obstructing the taxi-in for an aircraft.

Is there a way to make them behave more sensibly, or is this behavior just hard-coded in the sim and will be improved later? Is it best to just switch off the apron traffic?

Good question…
The actual vehicle paths, and plane taxi paths are also “not optimum” for many airports.

If you let the AI Pilot taxi, (and he follows those paths), they very often lead to the AI Plane striking other parked planes… there seems to be no “Target collision avoidance” built in.

The the actual MSFS specified parking space, in many many cases, bear no relationship to the ground parking markings, especially in the GA parking areas.

Add to the that the Unrealistic addition of a Fuel Dock at EVERY airport, even if the RW airport does not have one, and even more of the plane parking area becomes, " Chaotic"

and here is one example of a Ground Staff, being in the way, so the AI Pilot cannot park the plane squarely, and never reaches the intended parking stop.

In this case he was lucky, as no planes were parked on the side he taxied down, but in cases where they are, he will hot every one, on those “taxi tracks” (see tracks to top of picture"

I 'assume" a lot of these tracks were laid out by AI ? If so, a few teaks to the AI might yield a huge improvement.
If laid out by hand … a Massive job to update all the airports.

And yes, Fake Fuel stations should be removed. One Challenge of GA flying is to know which airports have fuel and which don’t, and plan accordingly.