Velocity One Flight Yoke Trim Wheel Faulty?

Hi folks. New flight yolk, correct settings and bindings, but trim wheel no effect. Best I could do is move sensitivity settings to max - very small jittery movement. Updated firmware no effect. Maybe I’ve missed something. Any suggestions most grateful.


I would imagine it would be the same as on PC.

Given the trim wheel is bound to button presses instead of an axis it’s very slow to respond.

This was done so it would be more workable with an XBOX controller.

Some of us have bound it using third party apps to an Axis to make it workable but unfortunately that’s not possible on XBOX.

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The trim wheel on the Velocity One is an Axis, not button presses. About 3 full rotations are needed to move the trim fully up or down.

@TurboRead make sure the yoke is set to XBox input mode, and that you have the correct profile selected. Turtle Beach Simulation have a Discord channel as well where you can ask support questions.


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I would check if the AI Auto trim is on as that will override any other trim input,

Also you can also check how the actual sensors and controls are performing with the “Learning” feature of the device, enter there and move the trim wheel, if you see the input reflected then it should be some setting on the sim that needs to be looked at…

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Thank you to all for your responses. Roy from Turtle Beach emailed the instruction set for recalibrating the Velocity One. It worked like a charm. Trim wheel is working absolutely fine now.


Ditto here. Cal ration directions needed because the Trim wheel continues to vex me


Hi Folks. Here are the recalibration instructions that I received from Turtle Beach. All controls are working perfectly after the recalibration. Cheers.
VelocityOne Calibrate


Thank you! You saved me hours of headache!


Hi all, I now have a 2nd Velocity One, as the first one was returned because the trim wheel doesn’t work. i don’t know what I’m doing wrong, can someone please post a calibration video, I’m at the end of what to do, 2 devices can’t be faulty. thanks in advance

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You will need to calibrate the Velocity One. Once done, the trim wheel will work perfectly. I have attached a PDF document which carries detailed instructions on how to do so. You only need to calibrate the controller once.


Calibrate The VelocityOne
The VelocityOne Flight is fully calibrated prior to shipment. This information is stored in the internal memory of the product. If it needs to be re-calibrated you can use the following process:

Start this process with the 4 rotational levers at the 0-point and Vernier levers fully in. Remove the main cable from the Xbox/PC

Hold down the Menu and View buttons, at the same time. Keep them held down.
NOTE: View Button looks like two squares under Xbox Home Button
NOTE: Menu Button looks like 3 lines on top of one another under Xbox Home Button

Connect the main cable to the Xbox/PC. The SIP LEDs will all flash green to indicate that it is in calibration mode. You can now release Menu and View buttons.

Move all the analogue axes through their full range of movement 3 times.
You must do this for every axis. If you leave an axis out, it’s calibration data will not be saved and will not operate correctly.

Yoke Left to Right:
Move to the maximum physical deflection of the handle.
Yoke In and Out:
Move to the maximum physical deflection of the metal shaft.
LT/RT triggers:
Move LT once, then RT once and repeat three times.

Trim Wheel:
One full range of movement equals three full rotations of the wheel. Therefore, you will need to rotate the wheel three times in one direction, three times in the opposite direction and then finally three times in the original direction.

All 4 Quadrant levers:
Operational range is considered from the 0 marker to 100. Do not start the movement from the bottomed out position.

All 3 Vernier levers:
Once you have moved all the axes, press B3 button on the Quadrant to save the data.

The product will reboot.

Hopefully that will set it right.

Have Questions? Please visit our Knowledge Base online at:

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I have the same problem with the wheel trim but I have not understood the first steps of recalibrating the velocityone. I use this stick on a PC. Does this method work also for the stick and not only for the velocityone flight ? Thank you very much for explaining.
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