VelocityOne Flightdeck

Hi Guys, anyone bought a VelocityOne Flightdeck yet? If so what are your thoughts?


Yes, and was unpleasantly surprised to find it didn’t come with any kind of config for MSFS, nothing. You have to map every button and control yourself. That’s great for down the line when I want to do that, but without that, I doubt i will be keeping mine unless they release some very, very soon, (even with the nice fit and finish it has.)

Has anyone independantly released any configs?

Even my Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo came with great configs…

came looking for flight deck setup info. No joy, back to control mapping hell, how can setting up a simple throttle be this hard…

Thank you for replies. They came alittle late as I decided to pull the trigger before your comments came out.

After using it for a week now I can say that Im over joyed with it. It feels very comfortable in hand and have more buttons and axis to cover all my needs. I agree it would have been better to have at least one profile to use in MSFS but honestly it was ok, it gave me a fresh start to get it how I wanted to use it. I know Turtle Beach get a fair bit of grief over their products but I now have the yoke and this HOTAS and im very happy upto now with the quality and options.


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Presets are basically the job of Asobo - and that is going to be added on SU15 (already currently in beta):

However thing is that anyway the layout won’t fit every aircraft so manual mapping on so many buttons is just not avoidable. While I started from the preset I changed most to everything by now after receiving mine on Friday. I already discovered that mapping on the autopilot buttons is wrong on the preset comparing to the Turtle Beach logic. Think I gonna report that one.

While I in general like the functionalities of the flight deck I’d love to be able to disable the virtual buttons on the lowest and uppermost sections of the throttle. Especially the lowest ones are troublesome if you bind keys for reversers. On the uppermost buttons of the scale I added the afterburner toggle which actually works great on the default F/A18E.

I’d wish Turtle Beach will update their software to be able to also read variables from MSFS/P3D/FSX to make landing gear indications and usage on the screens. Otherwise some mods could make that possible at some point.

Has anyone used this with the Fenix? I’m curious about the throttle haptics on the detents.

Picked one up last week. As of this date, there are bindings for it - don’t know if that’s as part of the next beta or not, though.

I like the build quality more than I thought I would, and the stick doesn’t feel quite as stiff as the standalone Flight Stick product. The heavier base also makes it unlikely you’ll tip it over.

I don’t really care for the throttle axis being 0-65535 as opposed to -32767-32767. It’s HIGHLY resistant to approaches like setting a neutral point to establish a reverse/beta “axis”. was very useful on that front - just set it up with as an axis with reverser and off you go - but it would be nice to not need a third party product.

Speaking of (and I’m assuming that AAO and FSUIPC might be similarly affected) - the virtual buttons you can define on the touchpad do not manifest there, so you can’t add custom actions - you have to set that up in MSFS - so you can’t do things like control the G1000NXi user interface with it, at least not easily.

Finally, dials - they work, but only if you deliberately turn it so each detent stop is neatly hit - if you crank the dial like you’re trying to set altitude, heading, vertical speed, etc., you will find that it “eats” all of the motion and emits a single click event. So, using the dials for such purposes will take time. Lots of time.

Annoying, to be sure, but I do think that these are all things that could be fixed in software. Already have tickets open for it. I think there’s some polish missing but there is a ton of potential. More to follow…

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