Verbal progressive taxi from ATC

I know there have been forum posts about blue lines directing you to the gate or parking area, but I’m not aware of a direct request for progressive taxi from ATC. I.e., you tell ATC you are unfamiliar with the airport and request progressive taxi, and they verbally guide you to the right place.
This exists in real life and it would be great if it could exist in the sim.

Can you request a specifc gate or parking spot from ATC?

I’ve found Little Navmap incredibly helpful in following the taxi instructions, since it pulls the data from the MSFS files. So the taxi maps are accurate.


I’m not aware of it. In real life, ground usually asks you where you’re going, not the other way around.

I miss the progressive taxi feature, as well. I have the blue taxi arrows disabled because I don’t want to see them o all the airports, but there are situations when I’m not familiar with the airport and I would like to have some guidance. Would love to see them as an ATC option.

Agreed! It’s the most realistic possibility outside of carrying paper chart supplements/AFDs or an electronic flight bag.

What does Little Navmap do? It’s a little difficult to tell just by reading the website. Does it generate airport diagrams and VFR sectionals based on the MSFS world?

That’s correct. It downloads all the airport, airzone and nav data from the MSFS database, and overlays it on different background maps. There’s a great flight planner included as well, and a slew of other nice options.

It also grabs all the taxiway identifications and parking spots, so really helps navigating complex airports.

version 2.6.0.beta supports MSFS, and a new beta version should launch in the next couple of days;

Really helped me navigate Tokyo (Haneda) Intl (RJTT) yesterday. Here’s the taxi path and runway crossings I did (the black stripy line is my taxi path after landing.

Thanks for sharing!

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no problem, it’s an awesome program, a labour of love, and it’s amazing it’s made available at no cost by Alex and the team.

Hi there,

While searching for something completely different, I stumbled upon this old thread. I wanted to point you to a Wishlist post that might have what you’re looking for:

thanks for letting me know.

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