Verify and Repair option - will it delete my controller profiles?

When attempting to run the “Verify and Repair” option (on a PC) I get a dialogue box that says non-backed up mods, etc will be lost and game goes back to default settings … does this mean that the controller settings I have saved in game will also be lost or is that stuff all backed up in MS’s cloud?


This will delete everything inside:


Settings and controller profiles are saved on the cloud so they will be sync afterwards even if they are deleted locally. But if you have your addons/content installed at default location (which is inside that folder) that will be also deleted, so be careful as all your content can be lost!

The repair option is meant to repair the launcher only (the exe and main installation files) not the content (official addons and marketplace addons). You don´t need to repair that launcher unless you had errors during launcher installation itself. On the other hand this won´t solve the common issues in game (performance, freezes, CTDs, etc). Forget about silver bullets by doing this :wink:


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Hey, thanks for this, excatly the info I needed. I’m trying to fix a relitively trivial issue really, when working with the G1000 I can’t get the MFD FP to toggle the cursor to enter in the fields by pressing the FMS button … I know it’s supposed to work as I’ve seen it in many vids … but just won’t do it on mine, in the 172 or the PH 100 I have, I have to first press the VNV Prof key in order to activate the cursor. If I use the pilot side PFD it works properly. Again a minor issue but thought maybe the repair function might replace a corupt file that could be causing the issue. Thanks again

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Got a solution here > Garmin G1000 NXi Issues and Support - #595 by Bishop398

Thanks to Bishop398 :+1: