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FLIGHTSAVE v1.0 is released.
FLIGHTSAVE is a handy MSFS tool that will let you create saved Flight situations directly to
the actual locations as flight markers on a map.
Saved Flights with user settable titles can be initiated manually or automatically with its
AutoSave function.
AutoSave interval is user settable.
Loading a Saved Flight is easily done by clicking any of the Saved Flight markers on the map.
FLIGHTSAVE works for all airplanes in MSFS.
FLIGHTSAVE also has a moving airplane symbol to tell your exact location on the map.
FLIGHTSAVE can run directly on top of your MSFS window or on another monitor.
The map is moveable and resizable.

FLIGHTSAVE lets you pick up your saved flights to either continue your flight or refly some parts of your flight for training etc.

Avialable at www.simmarket.com

Screenshot 2024-05-27 091546

support at www.flightsim4fun.com - rksoftware - Index page

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Hi Voss1917,
This tool is very interesting. Does this tool also work with bush trips? Have you already tested it?
Greetings, Koschi

It is not compatible with Bush Trips at the moment. I’ll look into it to see what can be done to make it compatible in next version.

After a look into the implementation of Bush Trips, I decided not to try to make FlightSave compatible with it.

So to be clear.

FlightSave will not work with any type of mission flights.

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Demo of FlightSave and changing eather when practice landings.