In the description of the Version update, the initial statement includes “Please move community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title if you suffer from stability issues or long loading times.”

What does that mean? What other folder? What packages?

I didn’t bother and it updated fine. It’s really an insurance clause. But as I say, I didn’t, and did not have any problems.

To another folder, as in a temporary holding location. I do this, then add mods back to the Community folder as they’re updated, or as I’m ready to test them with the update.

You could as well rename the existing folder from “Community” to “CommunityOld” and then create an empty “Community” folder instead.

Community folder is where all the addons or ‘packages’ are placed. Examples are community made liveries, third party sceneries/aircraft etc.

Often times these packages aren’t compatible with the latest patches released by Asobo.

So to ensure your sim doesn’t crash or misbehave when installing the newest patch, they’ve recommended to move these addon folders from the community folder to a temporary location and keep the community folder as it was when the sim was in default.