Versions of A 32 NX

I’m using the experimental versions of that aircraft; have I to load the “switch version” and / or the new patch 0.6.1 ?

You should use the developer version for the most up to date version.

Or what reason shall I be obliged to use that version, while I was told that the better version was the experimental version ?anyway, I have ask if I had to record what I have asked and written in my message.


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The previous Experimental version has been merged into the current Development version. So if you have used the Experimental Version previously, you’ll get the same thing in the current development version plus a few new things included.

The current experimental version is even more experimental and used to trying out very new and emerging system that’s not really ready for public use. You can use it, but use it at your own risk and there won’t be any support given in the Discord for the current experimental version. (I don’t think the current experimental version has been updated yet)

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I thank you for those accurate informations. Have I to uninstall my experimental version before to load the development version ?

that’s the safer way to do it. You might also need to delete the flybywire/a32nx folder from the one inside the packages folder outside of the community folder. Because you’ll need to recalibrate your throttle using the new EFB calibration method.

I don’t find the folder “packages”, can you help me to tell me me where it is ? thank you

it’s the folder above the Community folder.

I’m a little bit lost now, because in that folder Packages, there is a lot of folders beginning by Microsoft… What is the good folder in this mass of folders ?

I’m on the Steam version and this is what my Packages folder looks like. I just delete the folder I highlighted.

thank you that’s clear.

When I had loaded the experimental version , this one has been loaded in the folder “Community”. Isee that yours has been loaded a part from " Community".

These are two different things. The aircraft itself is still installed in the community folder. The folder @Neo4316 showed you, is a separate folder, where some things for the A32NX get saved (for example the throttle config).

Certainly, the actual development version of A 32 NX is put in the folder “Community” and I have nothing apart from this folder. Why ?

Once you use the A32NX for the first time, the second folder is generated automatically.