Vertical speed issue

when i increase the vertical speed it only increase by 300 and gets stuck at the max , when i try to lower it it doesnt work

Hi Monkeh…
Don’t take this the wrong way, but nobody has any idea what you’re talking about. We need more detail to help you. What plane are you flying, how are you trying to control the vertical speed? Through the autopilot? What altitude are you at? How fast are you flying? How did you set up the autopilot to do this?

We need a whole lot of detail about the plane, how you set it up, what your flight conditions are, what are the engine settings.


same problem, with autopilot on, when i want to change altitude using vertical speed, it only goes in one direction after 368ft and not after 100ft. And overall the autopilot almost doesn’t work.

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sorry i didnt explain well , im controlling the vertical speed with mouse wheel and it only increase by 300 like from 0 to 300 then 600 then 900 and so on , and when i scroll back like from 900 too 800 it goes back to 600 then it stops there, i cant make it 0 again with mouse wheel, the mouse wheel works well, its brand new, im flying the a320, the VS was working fine for me when the game was launched until last 2 weeks.

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you must have US units in the settings. This is what is causing problems in the EU.

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No, but it could be the other way around.

If you’re on metric settings, please revert back to either US settings or Hybrid. There’s currently a bug with the metric setting.

thank you so much the hybrid & US fixed it

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thank you so much man, its fixed now

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No worries, happy flying.
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yeah, its done now