Vertical Speed knob not changing selection? Bug or a mod issue?

Anyone else have the vertical select and vertical speed knob spin (visually) but not change anything? Not at first usually later in the flight. This is the second time it’s occurred now. Maybe it’s because of my TBM mods, guess I will try removing them and test again.

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Actually the one issue that I keep having (especially in the Baron), is that when ATC tells me to descend, I hit VS, but the aqua indicator appears for a split second then disappears. I have to try it a few times and, if I’m lucky, the indicator will stay and I can use the down button. I don’t know what the secret is. I’ve tried turning off the Altitude Hold and then hitting VS hoping to make it work but it does the same thing.

Can’t comment on that as ATC is completely wrong on when to descend or just about anything. I don’t even use it now.

VS AP is not working good since Update 5. Sometimes let you change to upper value, but no to a lower one.

Once you touch at VS knob, it’s no way to put it at 0fpm again.

It’s not only with TBM930. I have the same issue at A320N and X Cub. I didn’t try with others.