Vertigo "Glitch" - Smoke On!


I can see a future need for us to be able to turn these features off in MP if we want, or face a future of having user induced IMC conditions by trolls. :wink:


You spoiled my dastardly plan. Was going to make a black smoke belching beast and fly around the approaches of major airports :smiling_imp:


I need to be able to pop coloured smoke! ALL my planes need coloured smoke!

I may have totally missed this somewhere, but smoke…how does one smoke…and how would one color smoke?

Ah yes, Visual Effects Editor in Dev Mode came with the latest update plus some SDK stuff.

It is not particularly stable at the moment though. Flying a bombproof aircraft with these effects applied equals a 50/50 chance of CTD. Using the editor in Dev Mode is worse.

They’ll get there :grin: