Very abrupt weather (wind) transition. Erratic wind behavior (Still present after AAU 1)

One of the most noticable downsides to the beta so far for me. Weather changes are sudden, abrupt, and bring with them violent changes in wind.

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It seems that this topic is not bug-looged. Although it seems (to me) like an obvious bug. What do we have to do in order for Asobo to bug-log this?

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Yes, it’s happening every singel day at specific times. Could not be more easy to reproduce. 17:00Z is one. Maybe it’s intended to work like this?

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I doubt it’s intentional. I certainly hope not. My impression is that the weather changes are more abrupt and noticeable in this beta. Wind changes can be violent especially when in a light aircraft. Especially detrimental when on final approach. So hoping for more votes - only 35 so far.

Well, that is gusts you mean. That should be there because they added that in su10. They add gusts from Meteoblue & METAR data.

From release notes su10:

Added gusts to live weather: Added data pipeline between live weather (meteo blue & metar) and sim for gust data so that the sim features real world gusts in live weather (Forum Thread) :busts_in_silhouette:

Those should feel more in light aircraft.

17:00Z is an issue or maybe a change into more updated data that occure at that time and then they maybe use another data in the meantime it’s updated, thats what i mean by it can be intended to work like that?

Hmm, you’re right. What I’ve interpreted as abrupt weather changes could actually be gusts. Which is an intended feature. Didn’t think of that.

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Yes, sounds like that when you mentioned you get them on approach where they should be more noticable :wink: Then that maybe need some improvements in the future as the rest of the features in the sim :slight_smile: I really like the more alive winds over runways now :slight_smile: But i do not like the hard switch in winds at 17:00Z in higher altitudes. Could be changes in wind up there as well but not always at the same time everywhere in the world.

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Altitude wind are completly out of reality and change abruptly


Except in a lot of cases (as the ones I’ve flown in) there is no reported gust activity both in the airport’s METAR and Meteoblue’s weather maps.

What we’re seeing now is the type of crude wind layering that used to exist in FSX and I’m concerned this is not going to be fixed in time for SU10.

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Actually, meteoblue reports gusts everywhere all the time.

METAR does not but the windspeed always varies more or less

Example from this random coordinate on earth with calm winds. this hour winds at 1kts gusting 6kts. Over the day gusts can reach 11kts. Depending on the weight of the plane we feel those different. In an airliner they are not noticable. In a light ga plane we could feel those.

Incorrect. METARs absolutely do report on gusts if they become a significant & consistent factor. What is forecasted by Meteoblue is an irrelevance when you’re dealing with actualities.

In any case, the implementation of gusts in the sim are a separate subject to the one at hand in this thread; which is a conflict of wind data at various altitudes and the lack of transition between those sets of data.

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Agree, the changes in winds at 17:00Z for example has nothing to do with gusts and that is an issue on servers/data. Then i have read about people that got 350KTS suddenly at approach, it’s a gust but i’m sure neither Meteoblue or METAR reported that 350KTS of gust.

It’s a data/server issue too for sure. Hope they find the cause.

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got the same with su10 beta

Another wind data jump at 1855Z while flying over Austria (25 NM north-east from SBG VOR).

Yes, this happened to me once on approach at KPDX a few weeks ago. I could actually see the trees moving like in a hurricane in the turn into final approach, so I figured something was off. Once I got to about 1500 ft, the wind almost instantly shot to a 350 knot tailwind and I obviously never made it on the ground.

I’m honestly surprised there’s no type of QC that’s done to the weather to prevent these kinds of wind shifts.

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I got tossed around 3 times now made my AP disconnect flying out of LIRN to EGNT.
sudden wind yanked me hard almost made me flip.

The wind at high ALT seems very erratic in certain location, extremely high frequency updates (Video linked), the wind ranges from 10 knots - 17 knots, but it updates like 10 times a second on the flight display

I’m seeing this too (exactly the same as the linked video at the top of this thread). From what I can see from videos of the NXi (where I see the issue) in real flight this does not seem to be realistic at all.

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I have the same issue also at landing

The aprupt wind transitions in direction and speed happends also in the latest official release. Could be a problem with the weatherengine in general.

This is still a persistant issue, windspeed updating at 4-8hz, which of course is highly unrealistic.