Gusts in **live** weather are not fixed

Not sure why the other thread covering this got closed; sure maybe they work in custom presets but we want gusts in live weather. This is still very much an open issue.

It should be possible to experience wind gusting in flat areas. Currently this is not the case.

Yep totally agree. It’s such an important part of live weather that is missing.

I’ve seen devs touch on this subject already and they got it mixed up with the sort of wind fluctuations from turbulence near mountains or hot weather.

We want the gusts back in situations such as a wind of 18015G25 we want that gust factor simulated otherwise it’s so static.


They just closed the other bug thread on this because they’re claiming it got fixed for presets. So what? Maybe the OP changed the title of that thread, but it’s still an issue for Live Weather. I really hope Asobo gives this very real, widely agreed-upon issue the attention it deserves.


I’ll send a zendesk report with some examples. I find the best way to get issues looked at is to send these reports, file them under ‘I need help with something else’ and I find I get a lot further. Sadly these forums have become just a place of debate and often topics getting closed that doesn’t get us anywhere.


I’ve already filed a Zendesk ticket. I’m afraid we won’t see wind gusts in live weather anytime soon. Don’t know how else to push this forward more.

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Also filed a Zendesk ticket. Never got fixed :frowning: They said to increase temp to 35 degrees. How can we do that in Live-weather? Often when it’s those temps it’s very calm winds.

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I really don’t know what’s so hard about injecting gusts according to the METARs.
It’d be a great first step towards more realism in terms of dynamics.
Add Meteoblue predictions when METAR doesn’t report gusts and boom, the sky is suddenly much more alive.
Add proper wind direction variability, windshear and downdraft and NOW we’re talking.

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Can you point me to where the closed topic is at?

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Not their finest hour. I had posted this (gusts not happening in live wx) in another forum but it didn’t get any traction unfortunately. Here’s hoping this gets the attention it deserves!

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Here it is.


Hey there, it’s here: [BUG LOGGED] No wind gusts for Live Weather, broken for both PC and Xbox

It was closed probably because the thread title was changed. Gusts are fixed for custom weather settings, but not for live weather.


Indeed. The post history shows the title was changed after the bug was logged. I’ll push this up.


Thank you for circling back on this and getting visibility to it. I sure do appreciate it.

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I hope you’ll excuse a little out-of-topic of mine, but I believe it pertains to this topic as well.
There are bora winds currently at Dubrovnik airport. At least one flight had to divert already, because the winds vary and gust so much they can’t land without the wind suddenly shifting directions and speeds.

METAR LDDU 221900Z VRB15G29KT CAVOK 04/M11 Q1022 TEMPO 35018G30KT

What does the sim do with that? Nothing. It injects straight northerly winds with no gusts and absolutely zero variability to the wind’s direction.

What should happen with the wind direction?

" Same as Variable Wind Direction; a condition when
(1) the wind direction fluctuates by 60° or more during the 2-minute evaluation period and the wind speed is greater than 6 knots; or
(2) the direction is variable and the wind speed is less than 6 knots."

Because the average wind speed is at 15 knots, it means the wind varies by 60° degrees or more during a 2-minute period.
In the Czech Republic the conditions differ slightly:

We report wind as variable (VRB) if the average wind speed is 2 knots or less and the wind varies by 60° or more.

We report wind as variable if the average wind speed is above 2 knots and the wind direction varies by 180° or more.

If the average wind speed is 2 knots or more and wind direction varies between 60° and 180°, we report the variation with two extreme values.

Here are some examples from the Czech Republic:

26015KT 230V330 (wind direction varies from 230° to 330°, the average wind direction is 260° and the average wind speed is 15 knots)
09010G39KT 030V140 (wind direction varies from 030° to 140°, the average wind direction is 090° and the average wind speed is 10 knots, with gusts up to 39 knots - there was a thunderstorm at the airport)

What should happen with the gusts?
I’ll give an example from Czechia as well.
We report wind gusts if the maximum wind speed measured 10 minutes preceding the METAR report is 10 knots or higher than the average wind speed.
i.e: 22015G25KT, 35020G40KT etc.

If we take the criteria from Czechia and apply them to Dubrovnik airport, the average wind speed should be around 15 knots, gusting up to 29 knots with wind direction varying by 180° or more (from what value should the direction vary, that I don’t know, probably around the injected 360°).

I know that much of the attention with weather right now is focused at the depiction of clouds, cloud heights, coverage, cloud types, weather fronts, fogs, storms, updrafts/downdrafts and more…
but if we want the most true-to-life flight sim, we should REALLY start improving one of the most basic and most important things about flight simulation - WIND. Because it truly feels like flying on rails right now - no challenge at all.


Agree here is a screenshot from the feature discovery about weather. It should be included in the sim, it was included at release, now it’s not anymore. We would be happy if this could be fixed soon.


I wonder why wind gusts are such a big problem in this sim. I think meteoblue reports gusts and METAR as well. I don’t know how they get the frequency of the gusts though, maybe the problem lies there.

Hopefully they work this out because there is no challenge now, you can just crab and hold the yoke still and the plane will fly straight to the runway.


Ideally once they get things working they can implement some sort of realism/difficulty slider for wind gusts in live weather; that way everyone is happy and there’s no backlash from anyone who liked it the way it was.

Do you think they removed gusts because some people didn’t like it?

There’s a rumor that they were toned down from being more realistic in early testing because it was too bumpy for people. Can’t remember where I heard that; probably deep in some Reddit thread. :man_shrugging: :salt:
In any case, this questionable and ultimately unverifiable rumor is unrelated to the present state of things with zero gusts in live weather, which is obviously a bug rather than a design decision.

I know they’re working on gliders and I’ve had the thought that perhaps they’ve delegated live weather wind gusting to the team doing the air simulation overhaul that will be required for thermals etc.

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I really hope they make this realistic with no limitations at all. Maybe add limits in settings but no hardcoded limits of gusts and up&downdrafts. The thing with gusts is that it’s also a global thing. The wind always is varied more or less. Most changes in windsspeed we should be able to feel near ground because of the frictionlayer. Above the first layer of clouds it should be less gusts.

The thing is when we complain about things here it seems they remove features instead of improve them or add toggles/options for them :frowning:

Soon they only have one group of users left if they continue like that.