Very Light Jet Aircrafts

Would love to see some Very Light Jets in FS2020. They seem fascinating.

Vision Jet is getting released this year: Cirrus vision jet - #17 by LovesickChief13

HondaJet is already out in-game: [Released] Hondajet for MSFS - #792 by Shiloh1961

Thank you replying to this overlooked thread. I will check them out.

You already have the HondaJet and the Cirrus Vision Jet, both are awesome and if you want to go even lighter the Bede 5J is available.

Thanks for letting me know. I just saw. They look good. This thread was created long before those aircraft were released. Glad things changed in the meantime lol.

Asobo could rework the CJ into the M2.