Very weird TrackIR problem?

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I updated the sim to I loaded & ran the sim & was pleased to see that I did not have to keep pressing the key I had set to keep TrackIR working . After my flight I closed down the sim & TrackIR . Yesterday I had another successful session on the Sim again with TrackIR.
However today I loaded TrackIR & it wanted to do a game update. This I did & then reloaded TrackIR & the loaded the Sim. At no time did the Green light on the right edge come on during or after the loading of the Sim. It is almost as if the Sim no longer recognizes My TrackIR & I am unable to now use it . Also Track IR used to come up in Options/Controls but now does not. This is driving me mad as TrackIR is a deal breaker for me. If anyone can help or offer any advice to get this fixed for me I would be very, very grateful. TIA Matt

I would use the search function at the top right, and enter the words “recognize TrackIR”
There are a number of threads there which may be of some help.

Hi, Thanks anyway but I tried that already. Eventually I managed to sort it by ticking the Exclusive Box in TrackIR. :slight_smile:

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In my case track IR is working but erratically, it worked just fine before the update, moreover the sim has become unstable. Where can I find the exclusive box?

please check in-flight the camera menu and enable “IR”…

This “disbleing” was fixed in last update, but may be last “state” was in your case “off”.

EDIT: ah… sorry… not seen… you allready ‘managed’ it :rofl: … ( may mark topic a solved )
the “exclusive” setting is necessary for same games, but usually msfs not need it… but who knows…

No, too bad, the tracker is no longer working correctly after the january update. There is no other game that has given me so many headaches as this one. Granted, I don’t play other games, but I could have bought a new car from the hours that I have spent looking into problems that are related to the Microsoft Flight simulators :roll_eyes:

On the left of the Track IR Software; Advanved Settings Profile. Under the Profiles, Title & Camera Tabs!

what exactly is the issue ?.. I noticed no issues …

The tracker worked fine before the Microsoft Flight Simulator v1.12.18.0 update. As of the day before yesterday the tracker doesn’t follow my head movements correctly and it behaves erratically. I can’t just look down at my instruments as I did before, the view jumps to the " above the seat perspective" and I can’t gaze out of the side windows as I used to be able to. And when I want to look straight forward and then to the right the view changes to a perspective you would have if you were looking at the instrument panel from an oblique angle and from the ceiling. It’s hard to describe, but it’s really annoying. I didn’t change any settings in my tracker software, but I did upgrade to the latest update of the tracker software this morning, this unfortunately made no difference. Reading through this forum I am not the only one experiencing tracker problems.

Cheers, Marc

hmmm… in last flights I not noticed something like that. You are sure trackir not lost the focus and then msfs re-center or something else ?

how it looks in the standalone trackir application ? in this you can also see your head-movement and create fine profiles.

there is an update ? the is since years online :slight_smile: or do you mean the game-list update inside ?

No Michal, I use opentrack software, it works just fine, and I downloaded their latest software update this morning.

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ah, opentrack…

Thats a different thing than TrackIR and here I can’t give hint… I just own TrackIR.

Important is then to give the hint in your posts that you mean opentrack and may be some other user can share the experiance with it :slight_smile:

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I seem to have been able to address my issue. There is a possibility to choose your profile in opentrack. There was a default.ini and a MSFS 2020.ini profile and both didn’t work. But I had also made a profile for use in Condor, aptly named condor.ini. That worked, I am at least able to use the tracker again. Thanks for your efforts, Michal, have a nice day.

I am getting the same problem with TrackIR instantly becoming erratic, with complete reversal view instead of cockpit view only when I invoke the MAP!