Vessels Core Library v 1.12 | Seafront Simulations

I noticed some completely white ships. I believe it is some of these.

‘trawler02ai’: Add texture dir failed: not a dir or does not exist: ‘vfs:///SimObjects/Boats/seafront-trawler02ai/texture’.

I saw a few as well, but they were frozen in the ice in Alaska, wasn’t sure if that had anything to do with it.

Hi there,

I moved your post to Community Support > Tech Support, which is where people talk about installation issues (first- and third-party). The Content Creators subcategory is for people with YouTube and Vimeo channels (“content” is videos).

You may want to contact Seafront Simulations about this in one of their support channels, either on their website or via email.

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Ok I will. But this is the Core package released freeware via Marketplace


Hi, this is likely a corrupt installation of the Vessels Core Library so it might be worth removing and installing it again if it’s still not displaying correctly for you. The trawler02 model should show up like this:

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Hi, I did as you suggested… fresh install. Even so the texture folder is missing.

That’s a false alarm. That particular model doesn’t have image-based textures. Instead they are written into the model itself. If you are seeing the white boat please can you send me a screenshot of the boat to



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