VFHUB - Isreal's Conquest - 500nm Co-op Event (Ongoing)

Israel’s Conquest
Hello everyone. Below in an online-coop event we have ongoing at the VFHUB.
Discription: This is a mini-duration event. Each leg must be flown with a minimum of 2 pilots (Two seperate aircraft or shared cockpit) so communication is key. You can join our discord server (below) to find fellow pilots to participate with or use this topic!
Distance: 539nm
Aircraft choice: Users’ discretion although prop is recommended.
Pilots can re-fly previous legs but not legs they are yet to complete.
You can use event-availability on our discord to submit your availability and find people to fly with or this topic on the MSFS forum.
Recommended settings: North Europe, Live weather, Live time, All players is recommended but not mandatory.
Event will be ongoing until October 31st.
Discord: VFHUB/AEROSOAR | Discord server
Flight plan: Israel conquest.pln
(8.8 KB)
LL60 - LLHS - LLMG - OSDI - OS64 - OS58 - LCLK - LCKY
Best of luck!