VFR Flight Lesson "Departure", am I doing something wrong?

Hi all! This is my first question/post of which I’m sure there’ll be many more!

My question is about the beginning VFR flight lesson “Departure”.


At the starrt the helpful flight instructor sez “Our first goal is to fly over the runway center at 6500 feet with a heading of 41º.” I am able to ace the first two objectives but why can’t I do better on the last one?

I fly towards the center of the runway at 6500 ft and then turn to heading 41º as soon as the objective thingy turns green, which actually is before I reach the runway center. If I do actually wait a bit till I reach the runway center my “Departure Preparations” score is even lower.

“… fly over the runway center at 6500 feet with a heading of 41º” seems ambiguous to me. Am I supposed to be doing something different? Below is a LittleNav screen shot representative of my attempts at this.

Thanks for any help!

I have not tried the VFR lessons since they updated it. However, I think you are supposed to be over the runway at 6500’, then turn to 41*. The LNM track looks like you turned short of the runway.

True. In the attempt detailed in my original post I made the turn to 41º at the moment the Objective banner turned green, with the thought that the scoring banner sez “Do it quickly for a better grade.”

So if I actually wait to turn until I see I am directly over the runway, my score ends up even lower, see below:

I’m confused what I need to do to improve.

Only an idea,
could be that you have to fly over the “centerline” of ther entire runway (from the Threshold) instead of going towards the middle?


I think you just need to be more precise with the final turn over the runway centerline.


Thank you @MalexPrime for your response and detailed LNMaps which I used to finally figure out what I was doing wrong. When I was at the end of the short crosswind leg I just continued to go straight, climbing to 6500 ft before turning to the airport. Guess I did that cuz I was taking the objective banners too literally. Looking at your NavMap I saw that you turned back for the airport right at the end of the crosswind leg, continuing to climb to 6500ft. Once I did it that way I got a good score. Thanks again!