VFR Flying has been ruined. Please allow us to turn off all turbulence, wind etc. Erratic bouncing, totally unrealistic

I don’t want any impact on the aircraft during a leisurely flight. It’s broken as is with violent erratic bouncing. Please allow us to turn it all off.


Clear Skies? You can also remove the wind layer at ground.


To be honest it is much more realistic at the moment than it’s even been (in SUb10).

If you had done VFR irl, you’ll know, straight, flat flying with no amount of wind buffeting is very rare. A small aircraft constantly moves in all directions.

If you want no movement on VFR you can turn off wind and gusting.

But honestly, this is one thing that has been under par since release and now it’s great.

Please don’t water it down Asobo.


Then you must set up your sim with the weather you want using presets and dont use live weather.


I fly in VR using the NLR V3 motion base … in my very humble opinion, this is the first time GA has ‘felt’ anything near what I remember from real world flying. This is something I’ve been hoping for (and occasionally asking for) for a long time. So I completely agree with @Funghie.

I hope you can customize weather to your liking. But air is bumpy, often very bumpy…


If you thought it was ruined now, then I’d be curious to hear what you think after SU10 is released with added wind gusts. (Get ready for even more “erratic bouncing” in live weather.)

The purists around here do not believe in adding an option for live weather to adjust turbulence sensitivity. I personally have nothing against it… (especially outside of multiplayer)

I think you’re all misunderstanding him, he is talking about VR specifically. Movements that you aren’t prepared for in VR will make you sick very quickly. The plane should shake/bounce around you but not affect your actual viewpoint.

This is pretty much rule #1 for VR and is why there aren’t many FPS games with locomotion movement so they use a teleport system instead. Car sims in VR do a good job of making it feel like you’re cornering or going over bumps without making you feel sick.


Nope, just you. VFR does not equal VR.


Oh whoops you’re right haha, I completely misread the title! I even re-read it a couple times and my brain just saw it as VR, weird. My apologies.


Though it’s entirely possible he’s flying VFR in VR, so I won’t count it out just yet :wink:


Disagree. Turbulence feels good now.


Hello @DestroyedBeauty,

If you prefer flying in calm conditions, I suggest using one of the weather pre-sets such as “Clear Skies” or “Few Clouds”. The Live Weather setting is there for those sim pilots who want to fly in real-world conditions whether it’s a nice day for flying or not.



Presets are static and boring. Maybe somebody wants the nice dynamic live weather but without all the turbulence? Seems logical to me.


I think a ‘dynamic’ preset might be a good idea, one that lets those of us who want real weather endure the turbulence in Live, while those who just want a smooth, but changing, sky can stay in Dynamic.


Yeah, options are good. I’d like to be able to turn it down sometimes even though a lot of my real flying was in light to moderate turbulence. We can control it for the most part (not 100% thought) so it isn’t a big deal to me.

Though I do wish people would stop saying something is “not realistic” when it often is. The thing with MSFS is that there are many real pilots here so they know these statements are often wrong. Sure not all pilots will agree, I had an aircraft co-owner that only flew in perfect weather at dawn so everything would be usually glass smooth. Our experiences vary too.

And, if the OP is seeing something that is truly unrealistic somewhere we could never know because they pretty much never ever post any details so we can see what they saw.

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The recent live weather behavior with turbulence and wind gusts is great… Makes my handfly landing with my beloved FBW A320 as real as it gets! :+1:


You can - through the weather presets. You don’t have to fly with real weather if you don’t want to. By all means, fly how you want to fly! That’s what we’re all here for - fun. :slight_smile:

Remember, user error is always a viable explanation. :wink:


Thank you, that is what some of us have been saying too. If people dont like pre-sets they must learn to fly in whatever conditions live throws at them or remain grounded until the live weather is more suited to the type of weather they like to fly in.


While I agree that the amount (!) of the turbs are pretty fine now, it still needs a significant second thought.

The point is that in reality our eyes focus on a point in the distance and regardless of how the aircraft shakes (in a reasonable manner) we can easily keep our focus on this point. Our sense of balance does that for us. In MSFS the cockpit stays fixed and the world outside is shaking left and right.
I did a flight in the Spitfire in VR in Duxford a moment ago and yeah, the turbulence was how I would expect it over this terrain, not too much and not disturbing, actually. But while the cockpit remained in a stable vision the world outside was shaking left and right in a frequency of I’d guess 2-3Hz. This turns it impossible to focus on anything in the scenery and causes massive nausea. I am totally used to fly in VR, the Spitfire in DCS for example and turbulences are nothing new to me in the sim (from there) but in MSFS I can’t deal with them like this. It’s just impossible to fly. It must be reviewed, it’s simply done incorrectly. Not the amount but the “how”.


I had similar issues last night with the Tobii 5. Leaning in so I could conentrate on the GPS, it was next to impossible to rotate the zoom wheel on the G1000 MFD as the pointer was bounding around everywhere but on the dial. It wasn’t my head moving, but a combination of turbulence, and FSRealistic. In that one regard it’s a detractor from the whole experience.

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