VFR flying over france

Just a little remark about rivers and lakes.
If you fly low over garonne or dordogne or any other rivers,you will see sometimes ,they climb up or they make some hill,and even don’t follow the ground.On other part is about road and highway.Roads seem too large and highway also,like the software don’t follow the real paths.

You will see after a while that reproduced in several regions.

thanks in advance if you will schedule a fix.

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Hi @cromblood. Should you really be flying that low anyway? What if you get an engine failure? :wink:

I’m sure it will have been reported via Zendesk but do submit your own ticket. The last time I flew over the Thames at 50ft I noticed similar issues and step changes in the height of rivers. Not particularly realistic but I’m sure this will get resolved in due course.

Thanks for your reply:)"Citatio"Sure i did it lower than usely,.However with speed enough,it’s not difficult to climb up at a height sufficient to grant a safe landing around.I did already that in real life:)
Now zendesk:i have not enough time to check out all threads about this issue,sorry;I only hope you will be right in saying that it will be fixed in due course.Wait and see;But i remember that with the old FSX same issue was bugging for a while without any fix.Even today issue is present in the last FSX.
As the devs of Asobo seem to use the same engine for the ground…we will see

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Again in despite of the last patch that points out some fix on water mark and bugs,the water shores are completly wrong even on the new ireland.I have a videos that i did with the first iteration of the game and water were quite good,now it’s the worse water simulation i had seen in a flight simulator.It seems that you add more bugs at each update.Now if you tell me that i have to fly higher i wonder why you offer abilty and aircraft to make that lower?