VFR Map not working as expected

In a group flight last night, a number of us had the old style VFR Map and couldn’t call up information on airports. Others had the new look and could. Is there a reason for this?

There’s a known conflict with some mods (I believe WT G3000 mod and the PMS GTN 750. Might be others, too). Updating or removing the mod should fix the problem.
Quoted From Matt. For anyone with VFR map issues, Please remove or update any mods to the VFR map. This includes the WT G3000 mod (there is an update that removes the VFR map mod) and the PMS GTN750 (also an update available with removes the VFR map mode). Once there are no more conflicting VFR map…

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I have the PMS GTN 750 mod and updating it made the VRF map working again.

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I also have the GTN750 and just updated it yesterday. Problem still exists. Must be another conflict for me.