VFR Maps for Navigraph

Hi, I remember that Navigraph announced the integration of VFR Maps into their Portfolio some time ago since MSFS is the ideal VFR sim.

Does anyone know when they will release this? Is there maybe already some beta software available?

Since I’m a convinced Navigraph customer for IFR Jeppesen Charts I cant wait to get my hands on the VFR charts.

Or is there already something free on the market that is comparable to the payware tools like sky demon, foreflight etc?

Any recommendations are welcome.


Regards Andi

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Take a look at SkyVector.com.

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If there is I don’t know about it. I’m with you, would really enjoy being able to load sectionals into Navigraph.

SkyVector, for now, is what I use. It’s like having a sectional open on your second screen.

Doesn’t Little NavMap have the ability to load sectionals?

That is awesome! I’ve been wanting to try some old-school VFR using VORs (and not busting into restricted airspace), but I don’t fly anymore, so I don’t have any charts. Problem solved! Thanks so much for posting that suggestion.

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If it does I am unaware of that feature… I’ll drop a note to the dev and ask him… :slight_smile:

I think there is a process for downloading the sectionals and then linking them so that they show in the map selection drop down but I’m not sure.
I also read somewhere that the new release of Navigraph Charts will have VFR support.

I posted the question in the Little Navmap thread. We’ll see what Alex says and I’ll post back when I’ve heard… :slight_smile:

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Little Navmap actually does show sectors by default. However its by far not comparable to real VFR charts. So usability is quite restricted.

And Skyvector is not showing your moving plane over the map? Or am I missing something here?

This is really specific feature not still implmented in my opinion, also not Beta testing initiated.

Only check on Navigraph page or Forum can be solution.

You are correct: SkyVector is like having “paper” sectionals on your screen, with the ability to add waypoints and create a flight plan. You can send the flight plan to your email if you wish… pretty cool.

But no, it doesn’t offer a “moving map” like Navigraph or Little Navmap.

Little Navmap is by far my favorite. It has completely replaced the VFR Map included with Flight Sim.

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