VHHH default airport vs. navdata

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VHHH, default scenery, no STARs currently for at least rwy 07R/C/(L not in use yet).

Would be nice have option to keep or rollback older navdata if default airport (as principle) is not aligned with latest latest navdata.

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Honestly, VHHH is a work in progress IRL at the moment, so inaccuracies are kind of to be expected. Presently 07C has been decommissioned, and 07L/R are both in use, although they close one runway each night.

For ongoing accurate navdata during the construction, a Navigraph subscription is probably your best and only option. Just make sure any scenery you have includes all 3 runways.

Actually already using Navigraph subscription, have been using since started flightsimming. :slight_smile: But issue is with default scenery not having third “north” runway… which is unfortunate as third runway was opened already 2021, I kind of hoped that it would succeed to default scenery also within this time as VHHH is also one of the most flown airports within online flightsim community where I am. :tipping_hand_man:

Some WS studios 3rd party payware addon seems to be available but it has been reported to have several issues with performance (CTD etc)… no thanks. :melting_face:

I’ve just got to VHHH, on a bit of a long-winded world tour, and have discovered exactly the same issue. Simbrief suggested 25R as an arrival runway, yet MSFS doesn’t list that one and also doesn’t list any STARs for VHHH at all, when Navigraph navdata is installed.

Navigraph don’t appear to think it’s their issue, so hopefully Asobo will and will fix it.

Well to be honest, it’s not Navigraph’s fault at all.

The default MSFS VHHH scenery is completely outdated. MSFS’s runway 07L/25R is actually a completely different runway in a totally different position, to the 07L/25R runway in the current Navigraph data. Because of this, the current navdata doesn’t match the scenery, and MSFS therefore automatically disables all the terminal procedures.

Unfortunately, until Asobo update their default scenery, the only option is to use a third party scenery. Either a payware title, or a simple freeware runway fix would work. When you use a scenery where all 3 runways are available and with the correct idents, than all the procedures are selectable and viewable.

Nice one.

I’ll see if I can find a suitable custom VHHH or a fix then.


PS. I wonder if Hong Kong might be included in the next WU? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There is a payware version on Orbx, but it is not overly clear whether the VHHH SIDS and STARs will work in MSFS.

As there don’t appear to be any fixes and as i don’t want to be spending cash to not solve the issue, i think I’ll just fly in Direct for this iteration of my world tour.

I’m only about 15% through my first tour, so far, so maybe Asobo will get it fixed by the time i get round to VHHH on the next circuit. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, i’ve just done the flight and it would appear that the Fenix A320 navdata from navigraph, still contains the SIDS and STARs for VHHH and flew the STAR perfectly. I was expecting to get reprimanded by ATC for not following their direct arrival, but that didn’t seem to happen.

This makes sense. Most addon aircraft with advanced FMCs/avionics contain their own internal navdata, instead of using the MSFS database (like the flight planning page does).

Just make sure if you’re using runway 07L/25R, that you have scenery which includes the new 3rd runway, otherwise there will be significant issues. The easy soloution is to just use the southern runway, 7R/25L instead.

I guess that might get a little challenging, if one were to have selected a runway that isn’t there, in sim, or maybe just a building site. ;p

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When using Navigraph coupled with Fenix A320, there is no option for RWY 07C, but when capturing LOC for 07L, you are lined up further north than 07C, on what should be the new 07L. If the new runway isn’t yet built in MSFS, the nav data should match that fact.

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You’re using current real world navdata with outdated scenery. This conflict is to be expected. MSFS/Asobo can’t be expected to keep every airport worldwide up to date as they change.

You have 3 options.

  1. Use outdated data the correctly matches the visual scenery in your sim.
  2. Continue using current real world data, but find a scenery mod that updates the runway configuration to match the current real world configuration.
  3. Use runway 07R/25L instead.