Vibrations are back on X-Box controller for PC

Vibrations are back!
After SU5 vibrations on X-Box controller were inop, now they are back, hooray!
And I did not see that in changelog of SU8, so a big thank you Asobo! :+1:


Never lost vibrations on the X-Box controller for PC after SU5. I even had to disable them some weeks ago because I just use the controller for the views and don’t want vibrations.

Well I’m not only one who lost vibrations, maybe it’s only X-Box Elite controller then?
By the way, I use that controller for all, flying and views.


They removed the ugly white borders on touch screens too. For me the SU8 update was worth it for this alone.

It’s possible, I have the X-Box One controller.

Eelis61 is exactly correct, we did lose vibration after SU5. I am using the Xbox Elite II on Win10 64. However, I finally figured out that if you are using the Steam version of MS2020, then you just needed to go into Steam controller drivers and enable the xbox controller within Steam. And yes, Eelis61 is also correct that Asobo brought it back recently or maybe it was SU8. I went into Steam and turned off the Xbox drivers, and yes; it does work now with or without the Steam xbox driver. So if anyone had the Xbox driver active all along in Steam, they never noticed a difference. But here is my final assessment, whether you use the Xbox driver via Steam now or not, the problem is we still lost the stalling and overstressing the engine vibrations we used to have pre SU5. In essence, I really wish we could get vibrations for stalling and overstressing again. I also would really like turbulance in the air and even engine running vibrations would be very nice. But at this time, we only have vibration on the ground in motion.

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Can we please get the vibration back for stalling on the Xbox conrollers? Amazingly, we had stall vibration way back on SU1-4, but for stalling it has been gone ever since. We did get some vibration back with SU8. But having stall vibrations agian and even turbulance vibrations would be so nice. Right now we only have vibrations on the ground taxxing and overstressing the engine vibrations. Is there a way to increase the frequency and how and where vibrations occur?

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