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I would like your help. All settings are ultra, screen resolution 4k. For Photogrammetry areas, the temperature of the video card is 80 degrees. My video card is GAINWARD RTX 3080 TI. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy the best brand of video card because it gets very hot. What kind of video card do you have, what is the temperature of the video card during MSFS load, brand?

I want to buy an RTX 4080 SUPER video card, but I don’t know which manufacturer’s card to buy.


since su 15 my card get also 20 degree more then before.
85 now :grimacing:

I have an AMD RX 7900XTX I run at 4k at 240Hz with AMD Fluid Motion Frames and the sim at Ultra.

It runs around 60 degrees. It was 30 degrees ambient the other day in the room where the PC is located and the GPU was, maybe, running at around 65 degrees that day.


I have a liquid-cooled EVGA 3090 Ti FTW 24GB. Temps were normally around 65°C until an update (pre-SU15) caused them to skyrocket. I was seeing 90°C on the GPU hotspot, which is getting pretty deep into the danger zone. I knew the water block and thermal paste was fine, since temps would drop fast when I quit the sim.

I could lower the temps a bit by using TAA, but I really like DLSS DLAA, and decided to significantly upgrade my radiator and radiator fans in an attempt to lower those temps. It worked, and I’m now back to around 65°-70°C using DLSS DLAA pretty much anywhere I fly - including heavy PG areas.

My 3080ti ran warm as well. The standard limit is 82C if memory serves. The card will limit itself if/when it reaches that temp. If you don’t yet use it, download GPU-Z from TechPowerUp. It will let you know in detail what your card is up to.

Using DLSS and/or limiting your framerate via vSync can reduce the load on the card and hence the temps.


I certainly think my GPU was throttling.
The core temp got up to around 85°C, while the hotspot was hitting 90°C

Luckily I fixed that problem with the application of money. :crazy_face:

Yep, I did the same…new computer 4090!

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I have the 4080s hardly gets warm at all. I usually recommended trying to get the same GPU brand as your mobo, or future intended one. Tends to make bios easier to sort out. Upgrade bells and whistles version of choice.

I have an AMD RX 7900XTX I run at 4k HDR10 at 120Hz and the sim at Ultra. My gpu temps peak at typically 82-83c and when I use my OC it will peak at around 85-87c. These are perfectly normal temps for my video card and I would only be concerned with temps that always stay above 90c. Ymmv depending upon the gpu and its thermal limits.

Note, my temps above are measured via the GPU hotspot in a room with an ambient temp of ~25c.

I have just replaced my Palit 3080 Ti with a Zotac 4070 Ti Super.

The 3080 ran hot and loud.
The 4070 runs cool and quiet.

I first had a 4070 from MSI with twin fans (torx), under load the fans were vibrating, probably a fault with that specific unit.
The 4070 from Zotac has 3 fans and runs at around 70 deg +/- in 4K with a mix of Ultra and High settings.

CPU is 5800X and Ram is 32Gb

A 4080 then should meet your needs.

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SU15 has increased GPU temperatures with any noticiable improvement. I have locked the max. temp to 70°C

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My old EVGA 3080 ran very hot and stumbled a lot until I undervolted it and lowered the operating Mhz. Then it ran fine in everything with good temps in the low 70’s. I bought a MSI 4080 when they became available and it runs in the low 60’s and much better across the board. If you can’t afford a new card I’d go ahead and look into undervolting as it worked great when I did it.

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I have ASUS Dual RTX 4070 White OC Edition 12GB. What ever i play or i do GPU never goes over 64C. No idea why. 1x 8pin and it is kinda quite. Hot spot always below 80C. Let me DM you an imgur link, you can see OSD results there.

Same with my very used ex bitcoin miner from China, RX 6800. Game running 1440p, 144hz, siting under 65c, rarely reaching 70c.

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The first thing to look into is setting a manual fan curve somehow via software, get ahead of the heat, the default parameters in my opinion are generally garbage.

Most manufactures set their cards up to be impressively quiet while we are listening to the sound of a fairly loud cabin/cockpit anyways (honorable mention glider people who may care about video card silence).

I had a Tuf Gaming 3080 that I felt the fool for water cooling (more so after the leak) because it didnt help my OC curve at all.

That said the 4080 Super is AMAZING with DLSS Quality and Frame gen well over 60FPS LAX, Ultra settings 3440x1440 ultra wide

Note: Game stats show actual, Afterburner left shows framegen FPS

This is a serious problem because the sim has not any improvement.

In my case, with a RTX1080, 2560x1440 after a week of tests

FPS limited to 30 in NVIDIA panel
Mean GPU temp 56ºC, fan at 40%
GPU Power: 75W
CPU about 34%
In SDK FPS, Limited by GPU and indicator colours quite ok

FPS, Vsync half refresh rate (35fps). I have tested many settings and conclude that limiting FPS in Nvidia panel or with Vsync the effect seen in SDK FPS is now the same, before SU update the VSyc limit had more power consumtion than Nvidia panel.
Mean GPU temp 85ºC, I have limited to 70ºC, the fan is at 51%
GPU Power: 105W
CPU, the same about 34%
In SDK FPS, Limited by GPU and better indicator colours

Captura de pantalla 2024-06-05 085255

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Utilization :wink:


Everything ok :wink:
When utilization is high, the GPU is working harder to process data. This increased activity requires more electrical power.When the GPU consumes more power to handle a higher workload, more electrical energy is converted into heat energy. As GPU utilization increases, the GPU consumes more power and generates more heat.

So lock FPS via nvidia control panel or msfs settings - vsync on and % refresh rate.

See my post before yours

85ºC and only 53%? Smth is wrong with fan curve :wink:
What about thermal paste?
Your GPU is 8 years old mate.
Replacing old thermal paste with fresh, high-quality thermal paste restores efficient heat transfer, often resulting in lower temperatures and improved GPU performance.


Thanks, noted GPU revision, my HP PC (and GPU) is 4 years old, and the temperature increase has been suddenly after SU15 as others have experimented.
As you can see, I have quite balanced CPU and GPU.
I’m OK with MSFS since Alpha testing but this change increases electricity comsumption… :sleepy: