Video Guide on importing Blender model into the sim

So ive spent the past few days doing trial and error with the sdk and decided to put together a video to show you all how i finally got my 3d models from blender into the sim.Again not sure if this is the correct way and please let me know if there is a better way


Risuali45 , this is a good thing here mate. Cheers and thanks for your time / video

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Yo’re amazing dude, we are waiting blender to FS2020 for planes tutorial (mybe just add to hangar for photograpy)

sadly i literally have no experience working on planes so cant help you there

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Any experience on how to import from sketchup?

Can you not export the 3d model and open up in blender, that way you can just follow the tutorial with a complete object?

You can get a plugin called Obj exporter for sketchu and then export the object and load the wavefront obj in blender and then use the method described in the video to export.If you are using nwer version of sketchup like 2020 version you can export directly to an obj without that plugin

Thanks, will try that!

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You did an awesome job to share to the community, what you found while building scenery and also Congrats for you nice work ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you have collision with objects that are created in blender ?

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