Views with macro keys

Each aircraft comes with “default” views, which you can select by using CTRL+(1-0) on the keyboard. This works in VR.

However, when I have CTRL+(pick a number) set to a macro key on my keyboard that does NOT work, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

Anyone smarter than me out there with any ideas on how to make it work?


The software of your macro key keyboard has a setting ‘record keystrokes’ instead of defining keys?

@VoteablePlains8, yes, it does. It’s a Corsair K95 keyboard, and I’m using their iCUE software to program the macro keys. That allows you to record the key presses with and without delays, and as a test, I did both on different keys. But whatever the issue might be, it’s not that, because neither of those options worked.

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