Vintage pilot/copilot avatar presets

This has been coming up in other threads as well, but I think it’s best served as a wishlist item. With all of the Local Legends and Famous Flyers coming out, many of which are from bygone eras, I’d love to see a few presets added to pilot/copilot. Specifically:

  • Male and female pilot - open cockpit (warm clothes, leather cap, goggles, etc)
  • Male and female copilot - open cockpit (variation of the above)
  • Male and female pilot and copilot options - closed cockpit (proper era attire)

This would satisfy vintage flyers of both official and third-party addons. I think Asobo providing these avatars would take the burden off of third-party developers to come up with their own avatars for these planes. Some developers are not particularly skilled in modeling humans, after all.

I’m happy to provide examples of what these avatars could look like from photos, but searching “1930s pilot”, “1940s pilot” and so on in Google images provides a wealth of examples.

Excellent point.

Various Qantas uniforms over time …

Pls Asobo do this - we need more avatars! Not guy in baseball cat and thats all!!! :crazy_face:

  • WW1 pilot
  • WW2 pilot
  • civil pilot and co pilot from 1950-60 for airliners
  • modern civil pilot and co pilot for airliners
  • modern military pilot

that would be a good start


And, to go with my Xbox gamertag and YouTube persona, a semi-anthromorphic bear cub in leather flying jacket and goggles would be nice.

I also agree there should be more avatars

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