Virpil Alpha Stick Appears Unusable

Hello everyone, I forked out a lot of money for my Virpil Setup, works very well in Elite Dangerous but an absolute nightmare and just about unusable in MSFS.

No matter how I adjust sensitivity down (-50) I roll about the Sky like a drunk. My old CH Products Gear just worked. What the hell am I doing wrong or is Virpil not for MSFS?

Do you possibly have some of your controller axes bound to keys (for controlling ailerons etc. with keyboard/keypad) rather than axes?

Nope…Throttle and Joystick ONLY.

So to be clear you have the elevator axis bound to your Virpil Alpha’s Y axis and the ailerons axis bound to your Virpil Alpha’s X axis? And this gives you excessive rolling etc. which makes the aircraft uncontrollable?

The controller works properly in Virpil’s interface, Windows’ one, works in other game and works even in the sensitivities page?

To be clear I don’t think you should have any issues using Virpil gear with MSFS, I certainly have never had any with VKB.

I wasn’t happy with the centering of my joystick when I got it. Changed over to some stronger springs that came with it. I have not changed any axles in msfs.

If you haven’t changed anything on the joystick, you may need a dead zone on the joystick axes.

Running a pure Virpil Setup here for a few months now.

  • VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base (With the hardest springs)
  • VPC MongoosT-50CM2 - AviaSim Cams [Hard Center]
  • VPC Flightstick Extension - 200mm
  • VPC Constellation ALPHA Prime [R] (Arriving tomorrow, currently using the Warthog Grip)
  • VPC MongoosT-50CM3 Throttle
  • VPC SharKa-50 Control Panel
  • VPC ACE Collection Pedals

Best setup I ever had!
Ultra precise, easy to setup, absolutely no problems.

Btw, all axes ingame set to linear!
Have you calibrated your Axes in the Virpil Control Panel?

Take a look at this smart guys video: