Virpil HOTAS

Does anyone have the Virpil HOTAS? I’d like to what you think of it. I’m thinking of buying it.

Thanks in advance.

I have Virpil throttle VPC MongoosT-50 (not CM, but old original) and stick VPC MongoosT-50 for over 2 years. Used for almost 1000 hours in Elite Dangerous. Still perfect with no drifts and almost no dead zone.

Virpil controls don’t have default bindings in MSFS - you will need to bind all buttons and axis yourself. Does not bother me - I prefer to customize binding to my liking.

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OK, thanks for the info. I’m looking at the CM model of the throttle.

I have the CM2 throttle and it works with no issues here and in other sims. Obviously the CM3 throttle is out now with detents so thats a bonus. Also have the Mongoos CM2 stick and Warbrd base.

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I too have a CM2 and am very happy with it. I also have T-50CM2, Alpha, and VPC pedals. All are great products, built to last, and I’ve had no compatibility issues with any of them.

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I have…
T-50 grip + T-50 base (old original superceded by CM variants)
Alpha grip + WarBRD base
CM2 and CM3 throttles.
WarBRD pedals.

All feel great, work great and have survived a punishing covid year of heavy use and then some :smile:

In MSFS2020 and IL-2 I actually use both throttles. The CM3 has the nice physical detent and works great for my throttle controls, the CM2 I use for prop pitch control.

CM2 with no manufacturer detents is actually a bit “faster” feeling in its action. Good for “sim-cade” type action so depending on what I want to play I might shift it into the primary position. It has lived through a year of being slammed from zero to firewall and back and still going strong.

CM3 has a nice firm feel to it, good clunk as it passes through the push through detents I have fitted. (Ships with various optional detent fittings.)

WarBRD is set up for space/sim-cade still. Normal springs (default) and cosmosim cams. Very fast action and light forces.
It ships with normal springs and AviaSim cams but this actually felt quite heavy originally. Might change back now I am flying a lot of normal planes. :slight_smile:

MT-50 gimbal has light springs and AviaSim cams. Variable adjustment set to a medium feel.
It’s more a combat jets setup feel to it.

MT-50 is a nice grip but it feels a bit skinny after using the Alpha for a while.

Alpha is a nice grip. It feels just right and while I was initially skeptical about the mouse scroll wheel and mini joystick they have grown on me and I use them a lot.

The rudder pedals are great. All metal construction. Can change springs and cams for different forces/feel but if I was buying again I would pay the extra and get the set with toe brakes.

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Thank you for the feedback.

I am extremely happy with using my Virpil Alpha grip + throttle (CM2) … since around Oct. 2020
The build quality is … well … amazing IMHO.

I also posted some key binding mappings in other threads on this forum.

(OK … I have CM3 Throttle envy … but that is my first world rich people problem.)

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Just bumping this thread because I’m starting to think of upgrading to a Virpil set up. I recently upgraded my old Thrustmaster T1600 to the X56 Rhino. To be honest though I’m not getting on hugely well with the X56. The throttle quadrant is ok but moves too much on my desk (I can’t screw it down) and I find it does suffer from drift if its too loose and too stiff when its tightened.

Its the X56 stick I have the biggest issues with though. It just seems really cheaply made and wobbly for whats supposed to be a mid range HOTAS. I find the left right yawl axis particularly annoying and badly engineered.

Anyway as I say I’m thinking of upgrading again to a Virpil HOTAS. It does look great quality and obviously comes with a high pedigree. My question really is has anyone here upgraded from an X56? If so how did you find it? Is it worth all that extra money?

Not me.

I went straight to Virpil … and almost 700 flight hours later I am still deeply impressed with the build quality and precision.

And especially the micro-joystick on the Alpha grip turned out to be a perfect tool to look around while flying (e.g. when trying to land the H135)


Yeah its the stick I’m most keen to upgrade. I can live with the X56 throttle for the time being but the X56 stick is genuinely getting in the way of me flying well. The micro stick for controlling the camera on the X56 feels very cheap and like it could easily break at any given moment.

… in case you have not stumbled over it yet … last year I posted some of my control bindings for the Alpha grip in a different thread:

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve saved your helpful settings. :+1: