Virpil – VPC Mongoose T-50-CM-3 Throttle – My experiences in MSFS and others - Long Post

  1. First excellent quality, all (95%) metal parts and pieces.
  2. Latest version of the Software is the best so far. Ver 20210102 latest.
  3. Handy little link in box to Virpil website, providing a “Pre-Flight” set of instructions and information on unit. How to download software and manual on device. Nice Touch.
  4. Lots of YouTube videos showing various ways to configure the device. But some are over my head, so I just did it this way. No one specifically outlines exact steps for Reverse Thrust in MSFS for instance.


I have the VFX Stick on the T-50 Mongoose base, so I have to unplug it when working on the Throttle, I have the throttle assigned as “left” and the stick assigned as “right”. That configuration mimics the F-14 which I fly quite a bit. Then no confusion in MSFS when looking at what device you are configuring.

  1. Install software, leaving Throttle unplugged from PC, do not have plugged into hub, directly into USB Port on pc once you get to that point.
  2. Open installed software, plug in device, software will find it, but description in top left windows will not show exactly what it is, close but only when firmware and device are on same version will it display correct nomenclature of device.
  3. Update the firmware, seven steps, it will then take you to the profile screen, create a profile and then save profile – green box at top of screen. Now to calibrate the various inputs.
  4. Go to the AXIS button top left, then choose calibrate axis, there are five things which need to be calibrated, two throttle levers, the flaps lever, and on “throttle two” a hat switch and a slider lever. Once calibrated, save calibration to profile, button in middle of screen. Give it plenty of time to finish about 20 seconds, it will beep when finished.
  5. I have (profile screen middle) the 5-way modifier enabled, thinking I can assign some of the AP buttons to switches, work in progress, and Honeycomb is not any easier in my opinion as I have Bravo Device and replaced it with the CM-3 Throttle. One reason was desk space, the other was, I like the CM-3 better as more compact, better build quality, and for me (made in country which is not china), and you can configure all the buttons to do all the things the Bravo did, easier to me.
  6. Once you have device configured, and axis set, save the profile again, then go to profile button, and export that profile to a “save location” on a drive you backup to routinely, for me D:/05-Flt Sims-All-Keep/04-MSFS & FSX Devices-KEEP/Virpil Devices/03-VPC Mongoose-T-50-CM-3 Throttle-LEFT/Profile Backup-KEEP. Why so many “keeps” because I sometimes change this layout, and when I do I want to make sure I do not delete anything by accident, the KEEP makes me think organization through before doing stupid thing. Additionally, I have an 8TB USB Drive I back up my stuff too as well, and I back up the complete -“05-Flt Sims - All - KEEP” Folder to it first, so if I do screw up, I have stuff saved. I have old brain cells, they are full, and I mess up. NOTE: The virpil software stores its configuration on the device, not in windows.

After you have done all this it is time to configure the device in MSFS. Go to the game and get into the General Settings section of the controls.

First, Under the device Listing MSFS Creates (as the game sees your new device and names it accordingly, including the Left and Right you may have selected. Using Preset Manager, copy the default profile to a new one, name the new profiles like “C-17 & 747-4 Engine Jet”, you have to open and then configure all my buttons and levers in this profile, why, simple, it’s easier to “delete an action/button/throttle” from a profile, than add one in. This is especially true if using the Bravo Unit, swapping out all those levers is a pain. I am going to describe assignment by either physical number on device, or the button number on the unit. If you have this unit, these numbers will mean something to you, if not, find a picture and follow along. NOTE: Virpil has two button numbers, the physical number used in device, and the number it sends to windows. I am only reporting the Physical number on the device.

Throttle (physical Number 01) is bound to Throttle axis Number 01 and 02 in game. Physical throttle 02 is bound to throttle axis 03 and 04. The flaps lever is bound to the Extend/Retract Flaps option. Now it gets a little tricky.

Switch T3 – Is bound to parking brake - forward parking is off, backward parking brake is on. Why this switch and why location, it’s right next to the throttle levers in a real 747, C-17, 787, and some others. Regardless, it also works the parking brake in the F-14, as do the master battery and avionics switches below.

Switch Numbers T5 – T7 are two position switches, forward is one switch, backward is another switch. Switch Number T5 – Bound to “Master battery on-Forward” - “Master Battery off-rearward”
Switch Number T6 – Bound to “Master Avionics on-Forward” – “Master Avionics off-rearward”
Switch Number T7 – Bound to “Landing gear Extend-Forward” – “Landing Gear Retract-Rearward”

Knobs E1 & E2 still WIP, they are switches Push down, and rotary dials, might try to get them to work HDG HOLD and then change numbers, same for E2 ALT HLD and increase/decrease altitude number.

T1-T2 – Have not assigned to anything in any game.

The 5 position Rotary Dial is enabled, so 30 additional switch options depending on configuration. You can assign different LED colors to each Rotary dial switch position, default for #1 is no color.

Reverse Thrust for many planes is as follows: one other button configured as “hold down” and push throttles forward for Reverse Thrust. That is physical button 23, located on the side facing you on Throttle 02 (unit is on left of you). Yeah, lots of buttons on that side, if you put throttle 02 in middle of travel, it is the rear most button in the middle of the arrangement. You can actually pick any button you want, this is an easy button to get to, as you are busy when landing. I cannot figure out how to set detents positions so as to just pull levers over detents to rear to activate reverse thrust. Button assignment is going to do it till I figure out how.

Some comments - First MSFS needs an in-depth General Settings Manual explaining all the various things which appear to be same but really are not. FWIW-Am I “setting the brakes” or am I toggling the brakes”? Am I “Master Battery On” or toggling Master battery on? You see my point hopefully. There are at least 200 choices in the general settings menu alone. VR stuff, drone camera stuff, so much stuff, we need in-depth manual explaining each and every one of those choices, and therein lies MSFS largest failing in my opinion, aside from its arcane download update method.

I also fly FSX and X-Plane. I cannot bind physical throttles 01 & 02 to 4 engine jet presently, still working on that. But switches T5 – T7 are setup the exact same way. In Virpil Software, on the profile screen in the middle bottom, box called “Keyboard-Map Keys from 33…128 to keyboard press. Checking that box, allows FSX to see those switches and assign a keyboard letter to that press. One switch T7, uses a “p”, which is the “pause” key in FSX. Redesignate “P” to CTRL-P in keyboard commands and that clears up that issue. Also remember to pull switch T3 back toward you after releasing parking brake, otherwise it will flood boxes with letter “d”. I just use mouse to enable Autopilot and knobs on dashboard instead of assigning switches to all of them, easier, better and quicker than the Bravo unit as well.

For X-Plane I will post in their forum the configuration I use for it. Primarily fly C-17 in XP, so most of the things are similar, but their software has different verbiage.


I got one! FSExpo had a sale… haha

Now that you’ve had it a year, has your usage and set up changed?
My old stick had a few more sliders I could use as mixture and prop for example, what do you do for piston?

Thanks for the guide, I followed it and it worked, now I just have to figure out what I want to press for what… its a nice problem to have.

Hello, wow, great they had sale. No, everything is still the same as listed above. I had new PC, so had to reinstall all devices, and have not got throttle back to the above yet, but it’s close. I think MSFS settings descriptions might have been tweaked, as cannot find the exact wording on HDG and ALT hold. Nor is the AIRSPEED knob set yet. Under the weather today, so not flying for few days, and retaining wall to start tomorrow/Friday so not sure when again. New Keyboard hopefully in the next few days so have to get used to that too. Hope you enjoy your new device. If want to converse, PM me and I can help as needed. I did make up word document outlining exactly how all my devices are setup in both FSX/X-Plane and MSFS so I do not forget. I try to keep them all as close as possible, but FSX has a 32 button limit, so some things keyboard just does. It’s off PC now, still thinking about it.