VIrtual Airline EWA

if any guys would like to join a virtual airline and Fly with no restrictions other then using our flight tracker then please register

Our discord is

Nice Friendly community :slight_smile:

Please only experienced pilots only well who can fly A to B without any assistance Thank you

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I would like to join this but my game currently suffers from the bug not allowing me to land an airliner without having AI copilot control the plane. But for future reference after it gets fixed, by “no assistance” does that mean no using the planes autopilot?

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I sent you guys an email

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Your site says you have issues with FSUIPC. Is this still the case?

I’d be interested if I could be assigned only short, turboprop regional flights. I’ve really come to love the Daher TBM. Finally getting good on the approaches/arrivals. It’s a fun little plane.

We could call it “executive flights”.