Virtual Airline for beginner

Hi, I’m looking into Virtual Airlines and wondered if I need to find one specific to FS2020 content.
Any recommendations would be really appreciated too, especially those that are happy to involve beginners.

  • I’m UK
  • A beginner, still having fun with Cessna and Textron.
  • Using FS2020
  • Would like to fly Jet Airliners in the end, when I’ve learned more.



Hi David,

I fly for Fly UK and we’ve had a lot new pilots join us - our Cessna Grand Caravan routes have proven very popular for those new to the hobby.

There are many others too, each offering different structures, flight schedules, fleets, rules to follow, etc. It’s best to do your research and ensure you choose one that meets your needs.

Safe flying. :slight_smile:


welcome on

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Fly UK has just added the very interesting “MSFS Bush Tour One”, it’s excellent to discover beautiful places (some “technical” legs too…) learning to fly some of the good default airplanes.

For those more experienced, Fly UK has added some scheduled flights with A320 Neo (to fly with a really working livery).

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Hi David,

I have been in many Virtual Airlines over many many years of simming. Even had my own one but that is no more.

My current favourite is Air Source Virtual Pilot Union You can fly the schedules of hundreds of real world airlines. With relevance to MSFS 2020 I have been doing a few Air Sunshine, Win Air and DHL flights in the Caribbean with the Cessna 208. (Suitable substitutions from the scheduled type is allowed.)

Air Source has its own ACARS/flight monitor which collects your flight data and auto-PIREPS, this is optional for MSFS 2020 and is reliant on FSUIPC being installed and working.

Also Air Source pays virtual dollars and has a General Aviation division where you can rent aircraft from your virtual dollars. As a long standing member, I had enough V$ to buy an aircraft outright which I use to travel between contracts.

Hope that helps

Vince MAC40612

Why not fly for LazyJet based here in the UK! Requires an OnAir subscription (free trial).

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Any Xbox friendly VA’s? I’ve been flying MSFS since it launched on Xbox and have gradually been learning the basics.

I’m hoping that the PDMG 737 planes will release on Xbox this month and after I’ve had a chance to learn the basics I’m interested in getting some planned flights in…