Virtual airline xbox

Hello. I’m looking for a Spanish-speaking virtual airline for Xbox. Everything I saw were PC and use PC programs for recording flights so I look for xbox

unfortunately since there’s no real way to log flights like PC players can, console players are kinda out of luck for virtual airlines.

As a PC player, i truly feel for the console players who are unable to join these communities due to technical limitations. If only there was a way your logbook could be accessed through like a web interface. You use a microsoft account to play the game regardless where you bought so not sure what the limitation is. My guess priorities of making the game good for both platforms before they start more on social features.

It’s still a little more than proving you went from point A to point B depending how serious the VA is. If you are looking for people to fly with i think there are some console friendly communities out there for sure.


Thank you. All true
Let’s see if they get something for us console

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Hotbox air is for xbox on fshub english speaking though

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I’m either blind or I don’t see her. It has 5 pages and I have not seen it

Hotbox air doesn’t say it’s an airline. I don’t see it
I see many companies but that one does not

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