Virtual Cotswold Airshow 2021

Hello everyone!

It is my privilege to announce the first Virtual Airshow in Microsoft Flight Simulator. In partnership with Team Viper, Virtual British Airshow Association and Foxtrot Oscar Simulation Designs, we are proud to announce the Virtual Cotswold Airshow 2021. This year we are not only celebrating our first show on MSFS, but we are also celebrating 70 Years of the Hawker Hunter!

This year we have performances from the likes of Team Viper, Virtual RAF BBMF, Virtual Vulcan To The Sky and many more! Do you think you have what it takes to perform at our show? Apply now!

We will also be showcasing a bunch of user-created mods and legacy mods such as the Hawker Hunter flown by Team Viper and developed with help from FOSD along with the Avro Vulcan XH558 and the English Electric Canberra PR9. It’s not just the aircraft that are user mods and legacy mods, but we will also be celebrating the launch of our own custom, hand-crafted scenery for EGBP - Cotswold Airport (Kemble). Our main plan is for a payware release, however this is something we are still awaiting an answer for with regards to selling etc.

If you would like more info then please follow the links below:

Please note that the dates have not been set yet however we are looking for a January 2021 show.

Virtual Cotswold Airshow Organiser


Did you get the message from Team Vertical - We have Harrier - can fly - willing to display (show off) in MSFS2020 ?

And there was me, wondering when some bright soul would create a Kemble or Staverton add on. Any chance of a lick of paint on some of the surrounding landmarks?

Well done and I will probably also buy when it get a release.

Good luck!

Magic 64