Virtual Desktop versus Air Link?


are they any kind people here who would point me toward a correct tuto or post explaining how to use VD with good results ?

I have Quest 2, i used VR at start many months ago and it was working fine. Now each time i want to start it i get FPS close to 0, huge stutters, impossible to use it at all !

So if any of you would like to give some help about the correct process to use it now, it would be very nice.

I think first of all you need good connection between quest2 and pc. Mostly use wifi6…I am using wifi 5 but have everything in 1 mtr distance.

I followed settings than in a post here but in nvidia cp have everything default. Latest driver and MSI GTX3060 TI gaming Z Trio overclocked with AB.

Quest 2 stuttering and tearing/flickering - Virtual Reality (VR) / Hardware & Performance - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

also try using MSFS addon linker…just use the addons which you will use during that particular flight…My FS2020 is the Steam version. Just don`t stream audio to your quest with VD as that affects FPS

Just did one flight and it was perfect:

My flight was EGKK to EGPH both paid airport mods, CRJ700 by aerosoft (no livery), Navigraph toolbar, pushbar toolbar, REX airport textures and airport lights addons.

What is good about using VD is that you don`t fiddle with OTT or debug tool and it is just launch the sim and than at the menu you switch to SteamVR and VR in game.

My next step if all continues working fine is a Reverb G2.

I run VD ultra mode HEVC encoding, set to 70% gamma and find it much better than link or air link

try Q2 by Airlink with wifi 6 at 1m (with PC wifi card as mobile access point). No real difference with USB link (Oculus cable). Just have to stop the Windows service scanning wifi every minute which cause extreme lag (and set Oculus data rate at 0 to avoid lag also).

For comparison : Asus Tuf Gamin Z490-E (Wifi) / Intel 10850 k / 3070 Msi Trio X / 32 Gb

Finally tonight got it working again in VD.
Quality is outstanding.
Knowing that I run an Intel 8700 with an RTX 2060.
In VD running round 40fps ( this is in the glasses of the virtual desktop app). which is very fluid. Sometimes strange things happen or steam vr crashes but with a lot of Patience made me do some amazing flights.
Set VD on the Quest 2 to High and frames 80/90
You must use asw to get it right leave it on automatic. I put all bitrate at highest.
Resolution at steam vr 2144-2228 with refresh of 80.
It takes a lot of patience but its worth to get it right and its possible!!

Good luck All

Ahh, thanks for that, happy that u succeeded but for me there is somethig really wrong as i have fps coming down close to 0 each time i start VR inside VD.
Surely there one setting somewhere causing this … not found up to now…
I will follow again the posts or tutos listed above, maybe…
Have good flights

Do you turned of automatic birate in th VD app on youre PC? And turn down te resolution in the VR settings

Sorry about the quality its the best I could do.
Be sure that youre headset is connected with 5g fir sure!! Sometimes mine switches back to 2,4 and then all is lost…
Btw i run FS in the developer mode where it gives you FPs on screen
That is losing clouds but speeds up things

Check the last post, maybe it helps