Virtual Desktop versus Air Link?

Whao… i didn’t tried VD since lot of time, i was using Air Link with medium performances, not very easy to stabilize and colors a bit washed and not very bright, FPS were around 15/20…
Today i tried again VD and Steam VR, and whao… what a surprise, very good results, bright colors, cockpit very clear and readable, FPS were at 50 !!!
But i had some big stuttering, every 20 to 30sec, but quite esay to fly, was with the PMDG DC6…

So finally it seems that VD has maintained quite good performances.

Reminds on my settings Ryzen 2600X and RTX 3070, Quest 2, First setting set at ULTRA up to volumetric clouds.

Good suprise.

What are your thougths ?

What are u using for VR : Airlink, VD, Cable ?

Forgive my ignorance as I use an OR CV1, but do you get the full 3D 6DOF in Virtual Desktop?

Uhhh, what is 3d 6dof ?
3d i can guess but 6dof ?

6DOF = 6 degrees of freedom (presumably)

I never questionned myself as it seems that i have full freedom with the quest 2, every move or movement is possible

at least same freedom as with Oculus Link or Air Link, no difference

Yes full 6DOF in VD, just like AirLink or Link. It works great, and you can adjust gamma through VD, which is very useful!

I used to swear by Virtual Desktop for all my wireless Quest 2 PCVR (when not using my Index) and used it all the time with excellent results until the Air Link beta was released. Since then I used that, which has been great, though I can occasionally find myself back in the Quest Home (i.e. the headset one, not on the PC) but I found to my amazement that I could just click back into Air Link and carry on without issue (assuming I wasn’t dead by then).

A few days ago I decided to try with Virtual Desktop wireless again, just to see how it was doing, and it was pretty awful. I was very surprised, because it had been so good previously.

I also noted that the colour saturation in Virtual Desktop was much worse than in Air Link - so much so that I was seeing pinks instead of reds and often greens instead of blues. I think I may be able to adjust it, but why, when I can just use Air Link and be happy?

but when i tried VD after having used Air Link since it appears, i found the colors and image far better and also a FPS level far higher than Air Link…

Since two days ago AIRLINK began to play up (since update 31) I can no longer play.
So I went back to steamxr and virtual desktop, it worked but not as well as AIRLINK had before. (black bars following me when turning head), Using the cable has never worked much at all. I now can no longer play MSFS 2020 in VR.

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But that’s not really VR in cockpit, is it? It’s just a big curved screen, isn’t it?

Both AIRLINK and Virtual Desktop can put you into VR when you hit CTRL TAB they work wirelessly.

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It is a real VR cockpit, exactly like Link or Airlink - Ctrl+Tab gets you there.

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Thank you both. Ill give it a try.

If u only see a big curved screen its because the VR session has not been started, you must find why and start it, then you will be really inside the cockpit as it should be in VR

Since VD introduced SSW It’s been pretty smooth. I still have ■■■■■■ performance because i have a ■■■■■■ PC :smiley:

I tried airlink and it was very laggy even in oculus home u could not even use the hands so back to VD which works perfectly with the quest 1

Ok. After getting rid of that terrible audio feedback - did it, but not sure if I see any difference to the default in-game experience. I hope, of course, I did things correctly: started VD, started MSFS in the VD, finished 2D loading screen in VD to the fly now screen and entered VR -ctrl+tab.

Yeah VD works better for me (smoother) than AL. But I definitely don’t get as much fps as OP mentioned here. RTX 3070 with i7 8700k, 32GB RAM, on NVME SSD.

Put the Data transfert rate (mb) in Oculus tray tools at 0

It works better with Airlink for me than VD. Maybe because I’ve got the settings maxed out in the VD config, but keep it pretty tame in Airlink.