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I would like some help, I am unable to join discord servers so cant talk on the VD discord.

Ive googled a lot but want some clarification. As I understand it Virtual Desktop Visual settings override Steam and Oculus supersampling.

Sees odd to me if thats the case but from what small amount of information that get hits on the searches I am doing this seems to be the case.

In short - again as I read it - no other tools except for the settings in the game and the High Med or Low setting on the VD app effect the supersampling rendered to the screens in the headset.

See this post:

ggodin is the developer of VD so you can trust his answers :slight_smile: Also, FWIW, the reason is because he is somehow hosting the VR apps in his own processes. I don’t know exactly how it’s being done, but it’s almost like VD has its own runtime that Oculus apps run within and get framecaptured from. I suspect this is why VD performance is so good, but also why the “secret-sauce” Oculus things like ASW can’t be used.

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Thank you, I had come across that post but was unable to find it again. Do you know if any features of steam work or should you just leave it all at default and concentrate on the few toggles in VD?

Supersampling in SteamVR does work with VD (whatever they’ve called it in steamVR now, I think it’s ‘render resolution’ or ‘resolution per eye’), but I find it somewhat unpredictable because many games have to be completely restarted for it to take effect, and some games ignore it entirely. I find it best to set the global and per-app settings to 100% in steamVR and just rely on the quality settings in Virtual Desktop. Even on the medium graphics setting in VD, it’s quite sharp. VD’s own internal settings already apply a certain amount of supersampling based on the chosen setting.


I’ve been investing time in VD over the past couple of weeks, In Elite dangerous and msfs2020. In Elite the steam supersample works or rather is engaged/allowed but in msfs2020 it’s not.

I’ve been flying circuits in the C152 around Bournemouth airport EGHH. I’ve lowered the virtual desktop setting to low and raised the resolution in msfs2020 to 130 and it seems ok, better than setting VD at med and having the res at 90. Going to keep picking away at it but for me the big hitters around this sort of environment are the resolution slider and environment slider. Not really sure what the object slider does, but it does not seem to effect my circuits so I’ve left that at around 20 or 39 whatever is lowest.

I’ve gone with the native refresh of 72hz, I did try 60 but it seems to upset the whole thing so switched back to 72z.

Not really smooth but not really bad either, just ok. That said there are rivers in the flight and these are beautiful, you see through the water to the river bed and plants, really really nice.

Would love to hear others experience. I have link as well but I am trying to do the wireless thing for now.

Maybe a stupid question. But I got mu Q2 today and have been looking at VD for FS2020. Do i buy the steam version or the oculus store version of VD confusing? I have MSFS2020 though xbox game pass / ms store.

You buy the Oculus Store version and then follow the guide to install sidequest and install the virtual desktop patch from sidequest. The Steam version is not wireless. But even though you have the MS store version, you’ll have to use SteamVR to work with VD.

I think it was upgraded today and no longer needs to be sideloaded. Search Tyriel Wood or click here (11) Wireless SteamVR and Rift on Oculus QUEST 2 and 1 is NOW OFFICIAL! - YouTube

oh! good to know :slight_smile: thanks for the update

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Thanks, thats what i thought but it was a little confusing.

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