Virtual Fly TQ6+ throttle quadrant detent wont work

there is no reverse, feather, or cutoff on the sim and VF website says to download something on VF but i cant find it

Same problem here. I just sent a request to VirtualFLy support through their “contact us” link, and see what they say. It appears the sim does not support reverse range in these axes. Hopefully it is something that gets added in an update.

To follow up on this issue, VirtualFly did send me a beta of the Test and Calibrate program after I contacted them, and I can report that the reverser and feather detentds work. Still some issue with the cut-off zone. The idle point on the detente is seen as cut-off.

can you send me that?

Sorry, I don’t think that would be appropriate to send, as it is a beta version of the software that VirtualFly sent me privately. If you use their Contact Us portal on their web site, they will be quick to respond and will most likely send you a copy as well. I got the tip off the AVSIM forums on how to obtain the Beta.

Sorry if I was being inappropriate for asking. I contacted them and received the beta and now it’s actually up on their website. Thanks for helping! No emojis so this might be worded like I’m trying to be rude to you but I do appreciate you responding and helping! Contact me if you ever want to fly together in MFS!

Actually I’m having a big problem. The program won’t open! It installed and everything but double click and it just doesn’t do anything. Please help!

What version do you have, I downloaded the tool today from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 FAQ | Virtual Fly and it works fine on my PC. The version of the tool I have is v3.3.17-1…

EDIT : sorry I replied one year later, saw Aug 20 and thought it was August 20th not 2020!