Virtual Memory Allocation

Hi everyone,

Trying to figure out the best way to allocate my virtual memory page file for my PC. I have 32GB RAM so I plan to allocate 1.5 times that amount.

I have 3 drives -

C drive SATA SSD 120GB for Windows 10 installation
D drive 2TB HDD
M drive M.2 NVME SSD for MFS and other games

Which drive should I allocate my virtual memory to in the page file? Should I split memory across all 3 drives or just one?

You want a real Pro tip?
Leave it at system controlled.

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If you’re games/sims/programs are causing Windows to use the swap file consistently that it requires you to specify where and the size of the swap file, you have memory leak/optimization issues for a given program.

With 32GB of RAM, you should never be using the swap file. I haven’t messed with swap file sizes since the Windows 95-98 days where storage space and RAM was at a premium in my teens.

Leave it set to whatever Windows has it set to and don’t touch it.

Leave it on auto. It’ll increase it if needed, but if you have 32GB it’ll barely ever be used at all so shouldn’t go higher than 2GB or so.

Hi, leave in windows disk, auto mode. I have 32gb and if i disabile virtuali memory FS crash random after 2/3 start of mission.