How to select extremely low visibilities for IFR work. 100 percent overcast still provides two or three miles vis at ground level with customized weather.


Consider while in the sim adjusting the weather to be even stronger (rain).

I have had a few landings where I was only 200 feet above the ground and I barely saw the runway in time. IRL I would have headed somewhere else. The PFD saved my rear-end.

If you set overcast, then lower the clouds down to ground level, then massage the sliders for aerosol density, as well as cloud density, does a pretty good job of emulating fog.

I’m not sure how it was done when I last saw this with live weather. It was last week, when we had a foggy couple of days here in the UK in East Anglia. Spawning at a nearby military base, I could not see the end of the runway.

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The worst weather I have encountered, after 100 landings now on my WWT was at Norwich. It was nuts! Live weather selected. I got confused by the lights at the front of the runway. I thought “they were” the runway. I almost went in to low to land. I only had a second or two to react. Soooo much fun! (11/22/2020)

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Something like this…

Yeah, thats what I saw at EGUL last week.

My landing was even darker than that and there are trees in front of the runway, I think? (EGSH-27)

I really wish everyone would have as much fun as I am. I hope “everyone” gets their software and hardware sorted out by the time Christmas break happens so everyone can play really hard!

This feature doesn’t currently exist. The best you can do is add rain to your ground cloud layer to reduce the visibility to some lower level, but you won’t have the control needed to recreate specific conditions. All we can do is vote, aka clamor for attention, and hope they added these features sometime in the future. Vote here:


So far the best I’ve been able to emulate was about 100ft and 1/2 mile visibility. Set a cloud layer at ground level to at least 2000ft AGL, set coverage to 100 and scatter to 50%, setting scatter to higher or lower values will cause an increase in visibility conditions. Then set precipitation to the highest value. Works pretty good for most IFR conditions, unless we get a slider for dew point I don’t see any way to get lower visibility outside of live weather.


Used your technique and got 100 and1/2. Thanks Raynen.
John D.

…however, I’m looking for RVRs of 600 or 700 feet. What I used to get in Paris in April real world. Maybe since Xplane has this capability 2020 will step up to the plate.

I 2nd this problem, many older and simpler sims have this function, so I’m really baffled by the lack of visibility settings in MSFS, even though the devs stated pre-release that you would be able to set specific RVR values. Also, the clouds are much too diffuse/transparent, making the ground visible even 1000s of feet inside a cloud.

If your runway is at +1,000 ft MSL, it might be a good idea to set cloud underside to 0 ft MSL instead of
0 ft AGL, making the clouds “sink deeper” into the ground giving you even less visibility, as the underside of MSFS clouds are very diffuse, acting more like haze than clouds.

EGUL this morning, live weather, live time. I’m not a long way from here, but what I see out my window is not heavy fog, but overcast, and light snow.

EGUL 041057Z 22012KT 9999 -RASN BKN007 OVC012 01/01 A2873 RMK SLP733 P0006 $

Location: Lakenheath Royal Air Force Base
Day of month: 04
Time: 10:57 UTC
Wind: True direction = 220 degrees, Speed: 12 knots
Visibility: 10 km or more
Weather: Light Rain Snow
Clouds: Broken sky , at 700 feet above aerodrome level
Clouds: Overcast sky , at 1200 feet above aerodrome level
Temperature: 01 °C
Dewpoint: 01 °C
QNH: 28.73 inHg

Thick snow here north of Peterborough this morning so I take it no F15s coming from Lakenheath to annoy us?

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Ive been to Zurich couple of times in live weather though and visibility was very low to the point that I saw the runway just 200-300 meters before touchdown. It was due to low clouds however.

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