Visible co-pilot in first person view


The other day I was flying the CRJ and the K350 in VR.

Because it is easy to just turn around and look behind, it would have been nice seeing passengers seated in the cabin based on the weight & balance settings as well!

For anyone interested I have created a mod to implement this feature. Probably still needs some more testing but try it out and see how you go!

and if you want to dig further:

I’ve posted the recipe here:
Complete description of how to add a copilot in the C152

And the values for adding:
A passenger in the CJ4 cabin!

Yes it would be nice. Perhaps they were put in there but then all became stunt people like this screenshot from a multiplayer trip (I saw 2 other aircraft with legs dangling from them!)

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Happened to me twice in the 747. First time was decently well drawn, though not as good as the avatars we select. The second was of lesser quality. This happened in December. On the airliners, there is an identifier plate. The artists put their initials there. I sent the screenshot of the co-pilot and the initials to Microsoft. They tracked it as an “internal bug.” My interpretation is that some of the developers were screwing around. and yes, it gave me quite a start, too. And then “poof” she was gone.

Judging by the demand for modification

I suggest developers add functionality for showing / hiding pilot and copilot models in the cockpit of all aircraft.

The implementation will not amount to huge labor costs and can be added to Options -> General -> Misc to enable or disable showing models as desired.
As example see screenshot. Variation: None, Pilot, Co-pilot, Pilot & Co-pilot

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Looking at the various mods already appearing for this, it doesn’t look like something that would be too hard to implement as you say. This is something I would definitely like to see.

This thread has quite a few votes for the same topic:

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Oh. Thank. I miss this topic

They’re getting hard to find!

Thanks for the mod by the way - excellent!

Can you put in head my example solution in post 27? If i correctly understand =)

Thank you so much for your work…:wink: Amazing good :slight_smile: ! and yes this should be a “must have” in “options” and yes wthi "First Person vieuw2 too. specially in VR this gives so much inmersion and getting stranded in an old left out mexican landingstrip in FSeconomy with no possiblity to refuel doesn t feel so frustrating anymore (like happend yesterday) beeing now able to just drink some Tequila`s with my new co pilot :wink: :slight_smile: !! And we need passengers … specially on FSeconomy i would love to fly some “bushtrips” having some different characters in the rear seats… a Ufologist, a lonesome cowboy and of course some nice secratary´s… would be great and give much more thrill flying thru deep valleys and high mountains with stormy weather :wink: :slight_smile: !!!

Sim Update 3 DA-62 No Cockpit Broken Co-Pilot

I second this. It’s a natural feature that I ended up turning the entire options menu upside-down for. After seeing my own pilot and co-pilot, I became intrigued as to why I was unable to see at least the co-pilot in the cockpit view.

I would definitely like to see an option. They can even sit idle, for all I care :grinning:

My co-pilot appears every time beside me in the new EC135 helicopter - so ASOBO should be able to do that as well.

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Voted It’s needed !

I’m gathering in a single post some of the elements I’ve posted in different places about this topic

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Why isn’t this wish in the snapshot and dev update?

Devs, if you’re not going to allow modders to access encrypted aircraft files, then please add this feature in yourselves. Why this option isn’t default on day one I can’t understand. Please add this to the dev update wishlists.

Everyone checking this post out and agree with the wish of having option to activate the copilot in 1st person, please vote for this wish.

241 votes??? why isn’t it shown on the snapshot for 30th Sept???

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Agree i do not see why a simple option or knob would hurt. Like many things in the settings tab if you are not happy with it just disable it.

It is the same with the opening doors (asobo aircraft doors mostly are locked forever), windows, stairs, static objects or baggage things. We like it because of the extra bit of immersion we get.

An option to activate / deactivate pilot and copilot in the cockpit would be very good for VR, so it would seem that we have the body when we look down and I think it would not be very difficult for Asobo to implement this and not for third parties.
It’s an ugly feeling not being able to see my own body in VR.

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UP! I don’t know why this is not a thing inside the Sim yet…
Wait, err… I know…