Visit forum less, enjoy sim more

Participating in flight sim forums has always been a BIG part of my flight sim experience. I often spend more time on forums then actually flying the sim! :wink: This has been the case for the last two decades or so. But not anymore.

This MSFS forum is a very busy one: it’s hard, if not impossible, to keep track of everything. But it’s also hard to stay positive when you (try to) read everything… So many bug reports, negativity, disappointing news and also so much moaning, complaining, bickering… often rightly so and valid, don’t get me wrong, but still…

I noticed that this forum actually brings my MSFS experience down. There I was, enjoying the sim. And there I went, visiting the forum, reading about everything that’s wrong with it, thinking ‘Hm, yes, didn’t notice it but that’s not good’, or ‘Hm, I don’t fly that plane but that’s bad’ or ‘Odd, I never experienced this but that might be a bug indeed’ or ‘Come to think of it, that does look awful, yes…’

In short: there is a huge difference to what I experience while flying in MSFS and what I experience while visiting this forum. And I noticed this forum had a bad influence on my enjoyment of the sim. It really brings me down. In the past participating on forums enhanced my experience but with MSFS this isn’t the case. Probably because MSFS is absolutely and totally and utterly AWESOME… :wink:

So I decided to not visit the forum for a while. To not participate anymore. To spend ALL my time on actually flying in MSFS. And boy… what a good decision this was. I am thouroughly enjoying MSFS right now and I am not influenced anymore by all the negativity (as valid as it may be). MSFS is the best looking (flight) sim ever. I am excited about it every single flight, as if every flight is my first one! I never experienced this with any other sim or game: I usually got used to what I saw in a day or two. Not so with MSFS. It’s a dream come true, a match made in heaven, the best (looking) sim ever.

Anyway, I noticed that the less I visit this (or any flight sim) forum, the more I enjoy the sim!!!

Call it stupid, ignorant, call me a moron, weak, I don’t care. I couldn’t care less. From now on I’ll stay away from flight sim forums as much as possible and use the available time to actually FLY!!! Some of you might be better off doing the same. :wink:


Agree with your post. I wouldn’t call you any of those things. It’s a personal decision at the end of the day. Happy flying!


Bit strange making a forum topic about not wanting to spend time on the forum anymore… So i suppose you’re not going to read this anyway. (At least i hope…)

Anyway, in my opinion it’s only a good thing that this forum is so full of negativity. It’s the only way to keep pressure on asobo and microsoft. The more negativity get’s picked up by people, the more it will get out in the open. It will be spread trough youtube, facebook etc etc.

Don’t get me wrong though… I love the sim and enjoi it everyday if i have the time. But i really think miscrosoft/asobo really went in the wrong direction with rushing the release, and continue to promote it with false advertising.

And this is why i think we should give them every complaint we have, and push them to get this right. Because don’t forget that these are big companies. So they don’t give a cr*p when some people are not satiafied. They only care when they get negative publicity that can actually influence their sales.

For asobo i still have some faith they didn’t do this on purpose and are willing to set things right… But with the pressure from microsft they probably can’t do anything about it anyway.

As far as flying… I don’t really care about what’s been said on the forums once i start up the game. I’m aware of the bugs and still decided to push the button. So i’m trying to forget about all this negativity as long as the game is running. When something goes wrong or when i get frustrated it’s only nice to go back here and read other peopbe experience the same things haha.


He is going to read :wink:
He is just like all of us, who get bored with the sim and such spend more time typing than flying. I mean what’s to see? All looks the same. If I did not know I was flying over the UK, then judging from the trees and what I see I could as well be flying over Poland. It is the No Mans Sky of flight simulator. Also, the negativity here is fully deserved. Asobo/MS did their best for it to be strong with such a ‘bumpy’ release and each patch destroying more than it fixes.


Suggestion: Get with the moderators and show them a forum layout that works better than the current one? FSX, P3D, X-Plane?

I am totally new to flight sims and I am seeing a mis-match of posts in the forums and have wondered if a different topics setup is warranted to help with the confusion. This forum is new so we should work to get it set up correctly, for now “and” the future.

I mostly agree with the OP. Maybe not on this forum specifically, where I can sort out negative threads and find some jewels information hidden. But on one or two others that I use to visit very often, I decided to hold on them. For the same reason.

A single day is 24 hours and in our current circumstances (we are lockdown here in France), I prefer positive thinking first and prefer enjoying the sim with all its default but also with all its awesome features.

Do an “Around the World Trip” if you are bored with the sim already. I am enjoying mine.

I have visited a total of about 70 countries so far, and between the weather and different airports/landings/spreadsheet/maps/research/LNM it is keeping it fresh for me. I will be adding eight countries to my list today, Woohoo (Caribbean)!


No negativity from me! I go uptiddlyup and downtiddlydown and that’s about it. Trying to operate as in the real world is a mess.

I tend to check after every update and that’s about it. I’ll see what VR is like before continuing to play it.

Meanwhile the new SR20 study-level aeroplane
by Xaviation for XPLANE is stunning, simply stunning.


Agreed. My other sim is DCS World and while the planes are amazing (but highly complex and rather expensive, with each module costing the same price as MSFS), the sim isn’t EVEN CLOSE to look this good, even at the lowest settings for MSFS and the best settings for DCS, let alone the fact that you have to buy the 2 places you can visit.
Yesterday, I was doing a tutorial that took place high above the ocean: the ocean was represented as one single monocolor blue plane, just like in FS2004!

And I’m sure it’s the same with X Plane.

I understand the OP. For me the game has been running well since Update 3 (Update 2 was unplayable for me at all), I think I had just one CTD if at all. Pretty surprised that the others have so many problems with it. Maybe it’s specific airplanes, I mainly fly jets (occasionally a prop). Playing it on high with a GTX970, i5-5600, 16GB Ram and an SSD. Of course, there are still bugs (been play FS since it’s 98 version and it’s what you should expect). But I am quite happy that a lot of really bad bugs have been adressed (spare the weather/lightning situation).

Wise words.

I actually enjoy the sim a lot and visit the forums during boring cruise times. Of which I have a lot.

When one is bored at work and can’t be home to fly ones plane, one visits forums to pass ones time.

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I would come onto the forums usually after finishing a flight. I saw it as a great way to relax with [in the main] like minded people.
However, sadly and albeit for entirely different reasons I too have come to the same conclusion.

My loss!


Some of us prefer to be realists and read through the forums both positive and negative stuff.
I appreciate negative criticism of the sim’s flaws in its condition at this early point of of release.
If I wanted everything to be all peachy and roses I would simply go join console communities.
This is a flight sim community flight simmers are complex, argumentative and never see eye to eye on some things in general. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Simply ignoring forums and negative criticisms doesn’t better my in sim experience any.
It urks me to see constant threads pretty much saying “stop complaining”
No! Complain simmers complain and point out flaws!
Some of us are actually reading and learning!
Thanks to these “complaint” threads I’ve gained knowledge on features like photogrammetry from other more knowledgeable users.
Again thank you complex, blunt, very observant and argumentative simmers!
This place and these threads would be pretty sugarcoated and simpleminded without you!


I visit the forum because I got the 1-month trial, and cancelled my subscription due to the numerous features highlighted in the many official videos that didn’t work as expected, most specifically, weather (looked amazing but didn’t match real-world weather locally and no true control), an incomplete nav database, and incomplete/malfunctioning avionics (particularly autopilot and the “Garmin” stuff.)

I check back in here to get a good feel for the status.

Or… a bad feel, depending. Unfortunately, for me, it may be quite some time before I purchase, so will continue to visit and gauge progress by doing my homework.

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Oh Boy!

This is the first time I signed up on the MSFS forum, and after reading this post I think i’ll go back to simming :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up.

Once VR comes to MSFS, the cruise should be more fun :smiley:

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I think that wears out real quick.

Lets hope its so good we will never want to return to any 2d realm ever again.

Yes, lets enjoy the sim!
But… can we enjoy what we have?