Visit the Black Forest in Germany

… and enjoy this beautiful landscape. A good start is at EDTB Baden-Oos heading to the east.
Have a nice trip :slightly_smiling_face:


A bit strange, but in MSFS Black Forest seems to have mostly broadleaf trees, whereas in reality there are almost only conifers. But quite nice anyhow!

Nice choice, I was born like 5 miles away from EDTB Baden-Oos :metal:t2:. If you like to start with a bigger plane, start at EDSB (commercial/ concrete, even B747-ready) :wink: Don´t miss perfect photogrammatic citys Karlsruhe and Straßbourg around there :smiley:
And yes, there should be more needle trees.
Also many castles and towers on summits are not displayed correct- same issue with churches in all the villages.

The forest is not black, everything is green. :thinking:
No, nice pictures and great area. :wink:

Grüße aus Norddeutschland :sailboat: :ocean:

I can confirm this. Even at night. :green_heart: :eyes:

Just looked out of the window, it‘s true. Most are needle trees. I will keep on watching and will inform you, if something changes. Best regards from the Südschwarzwald

Do you have a flight plan to guide someone to this area which you could share on World Tour Flights? Having a flight plan file and some directions can make it a lot easier to find interesting spots like this. Contributing flights like this will help make the site a great resource for the community.

I will have a look at it within the next days.